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♠"This is simply bigoted politicians doing what bigoted politicians do: discriminating against an age," said Rhodes, referring to the new minimum age for gun purchases.❑1812Y2000332FCTあThe Taliban have banned girls from going to school beyond the sixth grade and women from most public life and work. In December, they banned Afghan women from working at local and nongovernmental groups — a measure that at the time did not extend to U.N. offices.➱C318C629DAG5TA£The prize, created to honor fiction by women and non-binary writers in Canada and the United States, was named for Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Shields, who died of breast cancer in 2003. The Carol Shields Foundation provides scholarships, mentoring programs, and workshops to promote the production of literary works.◨CWR06HC106KB/PR➹In raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21, Colorado joins California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, New York and Rhode Island. Proponents point to now oft-cited data from the CDC showing that gun violence has overtaken vehicle accidents as the leading cause of death for children and teenagers in recent years.◐

▒The speed of the bank run at Silicon Valley — where customers tried to withdraw an unprecedented $140 billion over the course of two days — will force the Fed to rethink its approach, in an age where rumors can spread rapidly on social media and money can be moved instantly with a tap on a smart phone.■MDD710-22N2▆"Long term, they can't necessarily rely on that, because so much of their business model is about attracting new subscribers with new shows. So ultimately, it can only last so long before it starts to hurt them."⇧

▣Kishida during Sunday's meeting expressed sympathy toward Koreans forced into industrial slavery during Japan's 1910-45 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula as the leaders vowed to overcome historical grievances and strengthen cooperation in the face of a nuclear North Korea and other challenges.⇝


◘All six face reckless murder charges in connection with the fatal shooting, the state agency said.↰CLS62NP-560NC♞Are you thrilled? Skeptical? Still mourning losses? Stopping all precautions or incorporating some into your daily life? Or maybe you've made changes in your life that you find meaningful. Email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Emergency lifted" and we may feature your strategy on Please include your name and location. Submissions close on Friday, May 19.ⓔVS-SD400N16PC☝The large industrial blaze at a former plastic recycling plant in Richmond, about 70 miles east of Indianapolis, was quickly contained by firefighters but still prompted an evacuation order for nearby homes and businesses. The site is located near the border with Ohio.﹌1331R-181HⓥMeanwhile, the Israeli-Palestinian violence also comes as thousands of Israelis gathered Saturday as part of ongoing weekly demonstrations against the government's contentious judicial overhaul plans.☂

☢Airlines delayed and canceled a staggering number of flights last year — more than 210,000 were canceled, according to the flight tracking firm FlightAware. "Other than the early months of the pandemic, that's more canceled flights than any year since 2001, when, of course, 9/11 disrupted air travel," Delattre says.❈C1206C362F8HAC7800↜He said "many thousands" of people had reached out to him in the past five months "with expressions of prayer, best wishes, concern, solidarity, sympathy and moral encouragement."→

◘Local television transmitted live images of the aftermath of the stampede by Alianza fans. Dozens made it onto the field where they received medical treatment. Fans who escaped the crush stood on the field furiously waving shirts attempting to review people lying on the grass barely moving.◈


✄Finally, her lawyers argued that the state "should not be allowed to use the [Supreme Court's] emergency docket to force the court" to give a "preview" of its views, when no appeals court has yet addressed this issue, and on a "short fuse without benefit of full briefing and oral argument."☢GCG155R71H152MA01D☾The Israeli military alleged that the three militants it targeted had been responsible for recent rocket fire toward Israel. It identified them as Khalil Bahtini, the Islamic Jihad commander for northern Gaza Strip; Tareq Izzeldeen, the group's intermediary between its Gaza and West Bank members; and Jehad Ghanam, the secretary of the Islamic Jihad's military council.1210Y5000182MDT﹌In the 1970s, the Nixon administration used a similar tactic, with federal transportation funding as the carrot. Given the energy crisis at the time, the administration wanted states to reduce oil consumption by imposing a maximum speed limit of 55 mph. But it couldn't mandate states to do so. Instead, Nixon signed a law saying states could receive federal highway funding only if they lowered speed limits. In the end, all states complied.▼GJM1555C1H6R7BB01D▣But federal regulators have found that many patients remain confused about the terms of the loans. In 2013, the CFPB ordered CareCredit to create a $34.1 million reimbursement fund for consumers the agency said had been victims of "deceptive credit card enrollment tactics."£

▬Chief Justice John Roberts has declined an invitation from Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to testify before the panel, calling such testimony by chief justices "exceedingly rare."⇐ASPI-1306S-101M-T✣Zachary Rehl, the former leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the Proud Boys, painted himself as a family man only to be confronted with video of him allegedly spraying law enforcement officers with chemicals.ⓞ

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