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⇨Flooding and landslides in Rwanda, which borders Congo, left 129 people dead earlier in the week.◥VJ0805D131MXAAR☜Camilla will then be anointed, in a form similar to that of Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother, in 1937. However, Camilla's anointing won't be hidden behind a screen.♡PM25RL1C120➮The Office of National Drug Control Policy told KFF Health News it regularly discusses the use of settlement dollars with governors, mayors, and other elected officials to ensure the money bolsters federal efforts already underway. Beating the opioid epidemic by disrupting drug trafficking and expanding access to treatment is one of the four pillars of Biden's "unity agenda."↘HZU5CLLTRF-E⇎One video plays footage of Australian cyclist Darren Hicks, who had his right leg amputated after a crash, winning a time trial gold medal at Tokyo 2020. The audio is a popular TikTok song that's been modified so the only audible word is "left." It's gotten 4.8 million likes.▐

۰During the Good Friday basilica ceremony, the pope at times sounded hoarse while reading aloud and when he gave his blessing at the end of the nearly two-hour long service. At one point, he stood up to kiss a figure of Jesus on a tall cross which was brought to him, then bowed his head in silent reflection.↶S0603-5N6J1B◎When asked about how to improve and better serve public media, Smith, who now runs the global news startup Semafor from New York, was uncertain and did not predict a better alternative or provide a specific solution. But he added that "a lot of people are watching short videos, instead of going on social networks. They're consuming a lot of email. And they're going to events."☀


◆Invasive strep means that instead of the bacteria staying in the throat, it spreads to other parts of the body, Rivers says. The bacteria can get into the bloodstream or cause a rash on the skin, for instance.☄PE-0805CD080GTT◥Capital punishment is currently legal in 27 states, but it's falling out of favor with lawmakers. Four states (Colorado, New Hampshire, Washington and Virginia) have dropped the death penalty in the past five years.⇙2220J6300391FCR↾"We are very pleased to have reached an agreement for the sale of the Commanders franchise with Josh Harris, an area native, and his impressive group of partners," Snyder and his wife, Tanya, said in the statement. "We look forward to the prompt completion of this transaction and to rooting for Josh and the team in the coming years."⇉M39003/09-2042HHe collapsed and went into cardiac arrest shortly after telling his life story at the Nevada Military Support Alliance’s annual gala, according to his sister, Maureen Shul.✲

✍They planned to stop in Cabo San Lucas — roughly 224 miles from Mazatlán — on April 6 to report in before they continued their trip, the Coast Guard said. However, there was no record of the three mariners arriving in Cabo San Lucas nor a check-in of their location.ぃC318C752K2G5TA7301♘"I feel a great deal of misery and sadness, as well as helplessness," she said in a telephone interview from Khartoum. "I have assumed that we lost the birds and mammals."✿

↝Seeley took a screenshot of the post and shared it on Twitter in a tweet that has since been reshared thousands of times.▒


♡Nick Davis, who owns a vineyard with his twin brother outside of Madera, has decided to participate. He's been dumping water on his grape vines since the heavy rains started this winter, sinking more than 4 times the amount of water he typically uses on the vines into the ground.▫78F101J-RC▤On Tuesday, Taiwan's Legislative Yuan amended the same-sex marriage law to widen joint adoption.⇟562RX5FRR102EC331M¤The Fold-In was supposed to be a onetime gag, tried out in 1964 when Jaffee satirized the biggest celebrity news of the time: Elizabeth Taylor dumping her husband, Eddie Fisher, in favor of Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton. Jaffee first showed Taylor and Burton arm in arm on one side of the picture, and on the opposite side a young, handsome man being held back by a policeman.£CHV1210N1K0152JXT➷Scholastic said that during the process it had failed to consult its "mentors" for the Rising Voices collection — authors and educators from Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities — and has since reached out to them to hear their concerns. "We must never do this again," Warwick wrote.➺

▮"It's probably better for me to invest my time in shows that have better working conditions, that are helping keep people employed," she said. But when people reach decision fatigue, she added, "the lure of the minimal commitment is pretty strong."◑M27/367-09▷Perceptions of corruption in Turkey have increased over the past decade and are worse than the global average, according to studies by the anti-corruption organization Transparency International.☁


①The large industrial blaze at a former plastic recycling plant in Richmond, about 70 miles east of Indianapolis, was quickly contained by firefighters but still prompted an evacuation order for nearby homes and businesses. The site is located near the border with Ohio.▢13R682C✍As for Baedri Nichole, she's become a "Save TikTok" activist. TikTok even flew her and 25 other fans to Washington, to join a rally against the ban.▋JAN1N4986CUS☪Despite promises of reform by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, inmates at tribal jails overseen by the federal agency continue to die, according to a new report released on Friday.▐744045222◧He says he'll stay on through June, to allow the government time to find a successor.▐

⊡Now, after a historically wet winter, Giacomazzi and the state of California want to put some of that water back.⋄VJ1808A220FCCAJ◄"RIP Len Goodman," he added. "It's a 10 from us all."£


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