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×Raynes, Grayson and Harrison remained at large.↓


♔Context to know: DeSantis and the bill’s supporters say the overhaul is needed to protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits and paying excessive damages. The American Tort Reform Foundation for many years listed Florida as a “judicial hellhole.”ºC1206C103M3REC▪In 1968, Johnson named Fortas to succeed Chief Justice Earl Warren, who was retiring. At his confirmation hearing to be chief justice, details of his close relationship with Johnson were revealed. As a sitting justice, he sat in on meetings at the White House, discussed secret court deliberations with Johnson and lobbied members of the Senate who opposed the war in Vietnam on the president's behalf.♟JANTXV1N6316CUS✍Nationwide, about 40 million people rely on domestic wells, estimates Melissa Lombard, a research hydrologist for the U.S. Geological Survey. Nevada, Arizona, and Maine have the highest percentage of domestic well users — ranging from about a quarter to a fifth of well users — using water with elevated arsenic levels, she found in a separate study.⇎SCMD4D12C-150㊣And a poll this week from KFF found that 65% of Medicaid enrollees across the country didn't know states can now remove people from the program if they are not eligible or don't complete the renewal process.◑

ˍThe Press Club of India said the raid was a "clear cut case of vendetta."▮1812J0100474JXR↖Defense officials previously told CBS News that the surveillance equipment attached to the balloon was the size of two to three school buses. Its presence over U.S. airspace prompted a diplomatic dispute between Washington and Beijing, which has claimed the balloon was meant for observing weather conditions, a claim U.S. officials have refuted.✲


▣Iraq announced the end of combat operations by US-led coalition troops at the end of 2021 but some units remain deployed to provide advice and training.❏SB540-E3/73▐Those improvements happened consistently among Black and Hispanic patients, who have higher rates of diabetes.♛1537-711KⓔThe derailment comes amid heightened attention to rail safety nationwide after a fiery derailment in February of Norfolk Southern railcars in East Palestine, Ohio. Half of the town's 5,000 residents were evacuated as emergency responders burned off chemicals to prevent an uncontrolled explosion.➣GA0603A390FXAAP31G⇠Bob Perl, a real estate broker who owns properties in the neighborhood known as Little Ukraine in Manhattan's East Village, started the Ukrainian Habitat Fund because he was deeply affected by the plight of the refugees.☣

↑Gun availability makes it easier for these disputes to end in violence, the report found. There are 4,500,000 licensed guns in South Africa, the report found.→IRLR110PBFⓥCapers said the suspect lived next door to the victims, in the city of Cleveland, which is less than an hour northeast of Houston. The attack unfolded after one of the people living inside the victims' home asked the suspect to stop firing rounds in his yard because they had an infant trying to sleep.↤


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1812J6300123MXT○According to LMPD Lt. Col. Aaron Crowell, about nine minutes elapsed between the start of the shooting and when officers "neutralized" Sturgeon.◀SK010NRP↪Troopers asked McCarthy to stop throwing money onto the roadway because it was creating a traffic hazard, and he agreed. No criminal charges were being considered against him, officials said.◎

☀"Same deal as I would with any artist i collab with. Feel free to use my voice without penalty. I have no label and no legal bindings," she added.☪


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