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C1210C132K3HACAUTO⇄If Mitsotakis hands back the mandate, it will then pass to Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras, and then to Pasok leader Nikos Androulakis — neither of whom have any realistic chance of success. Each will have a maximum of three days to try to form a coalition. Once all options are exhausted, a senior judge will be appointed caretaker prime minister and new elections called.↔T495C686K010ATE225◥Founded in 2010, ispace hopes to start turning a profit as a one-way taxi service to the moon for other businesses and organizations. Hakamada said Wednesday that a second mission is already in the works for next year.♦

♨When she takes the court as the new season kicks off next month, she hopes that more people watch than ever before to facilitate the end of basketball's gender pay gap.☢


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Q2016RH6▩After the vote, Molly Rivera, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, said the group planned to challenge the new measure as soon as Wednesday, with the same plaintiffs as the previous lawsuit.❀LQG15WH5N6C02D↘And that put him over the top in the Electoral College.☢

►While online school rarely happens, because of frequent power outages, her singing lessons have resumed in person. In an after-school center not far from her home, she warms up by singing Do Re Mi Fa So, as the instructor plays the notes on a piano. Sofiia is working on a solo, and she takes the microphone as the instrumental track plays from the speakers. The other girls watch as she sways and belts out the song, a semblance of normal in a still chaotic time.の


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IRLR2703TRL▒Beyond Iraq and WMD and Iraq and terrorism, there was one other important analysis done prior to the war, this time about what post-war Iraq might look like.◑VJ0603A391JXAPW1BC⇀Abortion rights supporters around the country and in the nation's capital are holding rallies Saturday and Sunday against the decision by a Texas judge to reverse the FDA's approval of a key abortion drug.♥


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