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↜The scientific consensus shows COVID vaccines are safe and significantly reduce the chances of death or serious illness. While many Americans may share a distrust of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems, there is no evidence of the kind of conspiracy alleged in these circles.①GRM0225C1C960JA02L⇋"It's not a business-as-usual macro economy right now," New York Federal Reserve Bank president John Williams said Tuesday. "There's just a lot of churn, if you will, going on in supply and demand."◑08051C562KAT2A✃Scott was charged with 12 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property. A lawyer representing her did not immediately return a phone call from NPR requesting comment.♪TH3A475M010D2900▏At a Faith and Freedom event in Iowa, Scott compelled a crowd of conservative Christian voters in the style of an Southern preacher — a job he said his mother wanted him to have.✐

♨He noted Medicare and Social Security — two programs that have broad public support but are also major drivers of spending — would not be impacted by the cuts.♂RS3JB-13-F↡This story was produced in partnership with Nebraska Public Media and Harvest Public Media, a collaboration of public media newsrooms in the Midwest, covering food systems, agriculture and rural issues. Follow Harvest on Twitter: @HarvestPM↚


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1808J1K00121FFR♠"I think it may be intended to generate press headlines, but in terms of it being a serious recommendation, a serious proposal to a serious problem ... it's not a serious recommendation," Gurulé said.۰NVMFS6B05NWFT1G◫"It takes a lot of money to excavate a basin and build the structures to divert water off the system," said Mark Larsen, general manager of the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District. "And then you have it sitting [dry] most of the time waiting for a year like this."↫


⊙But since last August, when Gautam Adani, a controversial magnate, announced his move to acquire the channel in a hostile takeover, anxiety in the newsroom grew — as did the departures of network leaders like Ravish.♢C0402C181F8HAC7867♣Abbe Lowell, an attorney for Hunter Biden, said Republicans still have "nothing to show" for probes into his client and his business activities for the last five years. Lowell said Republicans have fueled conspiracy theories but found no evidence of any wrongdoing.↖C325C169B3G5TA7301☼Here are eight takeaways.░GA0805A120JBBBR31G↗Olympic gold medalist Sunisa "Suni" Lee announced that she is temporarily stepping away from gymnastics over a health problem unrelated to the sport.☪

☇So why aren't Americans in a pasta panic? Ortega has a few theories.↖NTE162卍The men, whose names weren't released for privacy reasons, were arrested in April last year. Police at the time seized 22 firearms, including a Kalashnikov rifle, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, as well as large sums of cash, gold and silver.♬

→In Ukraine, Iryna Sahan remembers Aurora having a big personality, but in her new class, she is more timid and reserved. When she started school here in the fall, she could hardly speak any English.♨


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C327C333K5G5TA7301♂The Russian government warned of eventual retaliation for the alleged plot.◊C1206C331G1GACTU✥"Money is pretty tight these days," he said by phone, driving from Utah to Arizona with his two dogs in the truck he calls home.⚘

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