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↥A widely broadcast photo of Soldin, pictured in protective gear and smiling broadly with a cat on his shoulder, has plucked at the heartstrings of the French nation.◈HF1008R-391H♦It's one of highest prices for a manuscript sold at auction. In 2021, a rare copy of the U.S. constitution sold for $43 million. Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester sold for $31 million in 1994, or around $60 million in today's dollars.▆GCM31CR71H155JA55L♪She has a prior engagement with a 4-year-old.◈2220J0100150GCR▤The bureau, however, did provide checkboxes for a question about household relationships that allowed people to identify as a "same-sex" or "opposite-sex" spouse or unmarried partner. Those new response options were introduced to improve the agency's data about same-sex couples, which the bureau first began collecting in 1990 by matching people's responses about their sex and household relationship.▧

➢"The court of public opinion is more important than I think we give credit to in both law and medicine. We can have all the science in the world, we can have laws that make sense, but laws change. Science is not always convincing when you're coming from a place of fear," said Deshmukh.■GA0805Y393KXJBC31G█While online school rarely happens, because of frequent power outages, her singing lessons have resumed in person. In an after-school center not far from her home, she warms up by singing Do Re Mi Fa So, as the instructor plays the notes on a piano. Sofiia is working on a solo, and she takes the microphone as the instrumental track plays from the speakers. The other girls watch as she sways and belts out the song, a semblance of normal in a still chaotic time.➸


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SMBJ4754AE3/TR13█Basic rule of cancer treatments: Evidence wins. We need evidence to believe anything works. That's especially true for cancer.▃CQ0402BRNPOYBN1R6⇗B Hayes, an 18-year-old student at Nashville Christian School, was banned from going to their prom because they wore a suit and not a dress.◦

◪Critics maintain the president's heavy-handed style is responsible for a painful cost-of-living crisis. The latest official statistics put inflation at about 44%, down from a high of around 86%. The price of vegetables became a campaign issue for the opposition, which used an onion as a symbol.◘


✂The hospital tweeted, "This tragedy is affecting all of us, and we ask for patience and prayers at this time." Its Northside Medical Midtown office will be closed Thursday.유1825J2000101FCT↺André Ramos, a bronze medalist in boccia who was also the subject of a TikTok, told the outlet that "making fun with our handicaps is a sign that we accept ourselves as we are and that others do not see the disability as a difference."▌F751C157KDC▅Meantime, the CBP One mobile app, which migrants with limited internet access have widely complained about, transitioned to a new appointment scheduling platform. Officials said they are "significantly increasing" the number of appointments from a low of about 300 per day to 1,000. They are prioritizing people who have been waiting the longest for appointments.◊1N4714 TR PBFREE▫The power struggle over who gets to run the resource-rich nation of Sudan has been brewing for months. The tipping point came on April 15 when the RSF took control of the presidential palace, the state TV station, the residence of the army chief and Khartoum International Airport.✪

⇅"Most of you in this room, when we were in school, we worried if Nancy would dance with us on Friday after the football game or something," he said. "That was our anxiety."⇩1825Y2K50271JCR☞The Israeli military said it pounded Gaza with more airstrikes on Friday, hitting 10 targets that it described as underground tunnels, along with weapons production and development sites belonging largely to the Hamas militant group. There were no immediate reports of casualties in Gaza, but the Palestinian Health Ministry said that one of the strikes caused some damage to a children's hospital in Gaza City.∴


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JAN1N3323B▪My Unsung Hero is also a podcast — new episodes are released every Tuesday. To share the story of your unsung hero with the Hidden Brain team, record a voice memo on your phone and send it to [email protected].☻C0805C103F5GAL█Democrats and voting rights groups have attacked the move as short-sighted and likely increasing the financial burden on local elections offices that have seen an exodus of staffing after recent grueling election cycles.▩


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