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▣The apparent failure of the May 22 ceasefire means this support won't arrive.▶

♧Bryan was a lawyer and Trump a businessman, but both had found "second careers" in high-profile roles in the media. For Bryan, it was the editor's title at the Omaha World-Herald when he was 34, which allowed him to travel widely and become an influential speaker. Generations later, the sustained NBC-TV success of The Apprentice and its celebrity sequel would make Trump a household name in much of America.⇒


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VJ0603A222KXQPW1BC♨Taxpayers can always question or appeal what they owe, according to the IRS. Caller ID can be faked, so don't think it's real just because the caller ID says IRS, Brown says.▣C0603C150J4HACAUTO▐Republicans can force a vote on the Senate floor. But the timing is unclear as the chamber is not in session this week and the measure could face an uphill battle in the Democratic-led Senate.◫


✐Throughout his 20s, Cooke worked as a portrait painter, illustrating portraits of celebrities that were commissioned by customers. But portrait painting was something he eventually lost passion for, he said.▇TZM5229B-GS08➵It's been a big year for Jalen Hurts.♦VJ0805D180KXPAC♣"She went with a friend on Saturday to the McAlester area and was supposed to return home by 5:00 p.m. last night," the alert read.♧2N4405♩Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine, just an hour from the border with Russia. And in those first days of war, it was a scary place. At 7 a.m. on Feb. 24, the morning of the invasion, Sahan sent a text message to the classroom's group chat: "Dear Parents ... this is the information we have at the moment," she wrote. All schools in Kharkiv are closed.↔

➸That's when he decided to write out a call for help on the back of the boat.▤1812Y0500824KER♣BRUSSELS — The guardians of Champagne will let no one take the name of the bubbly beverage in vain, not even a U.S. beer behemoth.☺


◊"So I was dribbling around chairs, under tables, doing anything I could do to impress him," Rivers said.◄S101J35U2MR64K7R➞They packed lightly and left in a hurry.☞KSD1616ALTA♥But the trusted contact has no authority. The hope is that once notified, the named relative or friend will talk to the account holder and prevent further harm. It's a start, but a small one. The low-stakes effort is limited to the brokerage side of operations at Wells Fargo and most other large institutions. The same protection is not extended to clients' credit cards, checking or savings accounts.❤0603J2500560GFR♣The follicle bulge isn't giving those McSCs the signal to mature, and it's not sending the McSCs back to a compartment that would. The jammed cells allow the hair to keep growing, but the hair isn't given its dose of pigmentation. As a result, you go gray.◄

▶Smith said at least 17 ambulances responded to the scene. Some victims were treated and released from the Lake Martin Community Hospital, while several additional victims were transferred to other hospitals — including flown to a trauma center in Birmingham, she added.➣MMBTA20LT1G▩Investors also worry about unrealized losses in lenders' portfolios, including government bonds that have lost value since the Fed started raising interest rates aggressively last year.◎

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