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GRM32ED70J476KE20L♠Speaking in a joint appearance with McCarthy before a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library outside Los Angeles, the Taiwanese leader also thanked the U.S. for its support to Taiwan.⏎LD106D107MAB2A⊟Some mug shots have leaked in the past, despite New York's law discouraging their release, the Associated Press reports.⇧


✁In the 1980s, wildlife officials captured the last remaining 22 condors and took them to the San Diego and Los Angeles zoos to be protected and bred in captivity. The birds were then released into sanctuaries and national parks where they can be monitored.▐LD051A270KAB2A♠Villi claimed during the call that he wasn't prepared to present his case at the hearing. He also asked what the board wanted from him, to which the lawyer said it needed him to stop harassing and shouting at people, and to pay the condo corporation's legal fees. She noted that the case had dragged on for years.♦C1005JB1A104M050BA⇘Trump is now going to have to stand trial and be judged by a jury of his peers, the first time this has ever happened for a former president of the United States.♪1210J0250180GFR♣Obsessed with the Billboard music charts since childhood, he was known for his deep knowledge and appreciation of music and would prove an astute judge of talent during the 1970s era of New Wave, a term he helped popularize, signing record deals with Talking Heads, the Ramones and the Pretenders.➧

↸The hospital tweeted, "This tragedy is affecting all of us, and we ask for patience and prayers at this time." Its Northside Medical Midtown office will be closed Thursday.⊕M39003/01-5634H☼One of the most glittering of the Crown Jewels is a 105-carat diamond originally found in India some 800 years ago. Over the centuries, it passed through Mughal, Persian and Afghan hands before being taken from a 10-year-old Sikh prince and given to Queen Victoria.☀


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SR215C104KARTRX♪"I promise I will continue to champion the many outstanding country artists that are not currently played, they are not currently streamed, toured, signed or awarded at the level they deserve," Twain said. "I believe in an all-inclusive country music."☆VJ0805A560FXJCW1BC▢Living beyond usual routines and rhythms — away from school and family, out in nature, and bunking close to others, often initially strangers — engenders plenty of opportunity for self-discovery. For some, these breaks from everyday life carry even more meaning.◘


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STPS15M80CT۰The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed split-jury verdicts for people accused of serious crimes in the landmark 2020 ruling Ramos v. Louisiana, righting a historical wrong propelled more than a century ago by white supremacy and xenophobic fervor. But the decision only applied to open cases and convictions that were under appeal at the time of the ruling. The justices left it to Oregon and Louisiana to decide whether to apply the decision retroactively and give inmates like Miller a second chance.C1206X332K5GEC▪"The defendant used 'casting' that involved prayer and energy work," Blake told the jury on Monday, according to East Idaho News. "Often this casting didn't work and the beliefs evolved to zombies. A common theme was the body had to be destroyed."►


㊣The WHO said the current cholera outbreaks in Africa are occurring as the continent faces extreme weather events, conflicts, and as well as overstretched health services.⇇MBRF3045CTHC0GⓔPARIS — Parisians have overwhelmingly voted to banish the French capital's ubiquitous for-hire e-scooters from their streets, in a mini-referendum the mayor said sent a "very clear message."▎SR222A270JAR∴"What is new... is the depth of the crack," nuclear safety expert Yves Marignac, who is an advisor to the ASN, told AFP.↽C315C629D3G5TA☋Strange World, a PG-rated Disney movie released last year, features actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Gabrielle Union among others and tells the story of three generations of a family exploring a dangerous land beneath their world.▧

¤MARSEILLE, France — Two bodies were found overnight in the rubble following an explosion that collapsed a building in the southern French city of Marseille, as rescuers continued searching for at least six people who are unaccounted-for, authorities said Monday.◎M39003/01-7058/TR◊First, what are you enjoying right now? For example, at the moment, I am enjoying a cup of strong black tea while I peruse▢

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