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1808JA250102MXTSY2▨He praised the skill and courage of the prosecutors who have worked on the Jan. 6 cases and said they had secured more than 600 convictions. Garland said that work would continue.☪06031A471JAT2A►That's down from about half of older adults in June 2020, when remaining at home was advocated in order to help prevent contracting COVID-19. But it's still noteworthy, says Malani: "If anything, the pandemic has shown us just how important social interaction is for overall mental and physical health and how much more attention we need to pay to this from a clinical, policy and personal perspective."↡

☺McCarthy would have the option of accepting some Democratic votes to make up for defectors in his own caucus. But if did that, a hardcore cadre of rebels in his own camp could force an immediate vote to remove him from the speakership.➸

➝Outside of housing and transportation, the cost of services is not rising so quickly, which could be reassuring to inflation watchdogs at the Federal Reserve.■


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1206Y0630103KFR⇢The fire occurred at a former factory site in Richmond, 70 miles (112.6 kilometers) east of Indianapolis, that lately had been used to store plastics and other materials for recycling or resale, Mayor Dave Snow said.❉2225J0500124MDR⇧The wife comments: "It's been an ongoing theme throughout my relationship with my husband that Temi believes that I don't love him and that I have a brilliant endgame that I am working toward." Yet she fails to defend her marriage or her husband, preferring to remain a "Switzerland" between the two warring parties.◄


Yellowface is about a young white author who steals the manuscript of her dead Asian friend, finishes it, and publishes it as her own. Throughout the novel, Juniper "June" Hayward, publishing as Juniper Song, works to maintain the lie that her first big hit novel The Last Front, a story about Chinese workers in the British Army during WWI, is indeed her work and her work only. "That's been the key to staying sane throughout all of this: holding the line, maintaining my innocence. In the face of it all, I've never once cracked, never admitted the theft to anyone. By now, I mostly believe the lie myself," June tries to convince herself more than halfway through the novel. Not only does she face accusations of theft and plagiarism, but the optics of a white woman possibly profiting off the work of an Asian woman also create a platform for accusations of racism and "yellowface."●CZRT5230B-HF√Having made a national name for themselves, both men then pivoted to politics and found success as live performers. Tall and imposing physically, both had commanding voices that could hold a crowd for an hour or more. Bryan was known for his eloquent oratory and traveled tirelessly to display it to the nation. In one campaign alone he was said to have logged 18,000 miles via train, striving to reach every sizable community in the country.↼0805J0500222MXR○The York County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina also tweeted about balloon sightings in the area Saturday and warned residents not to attempt shooting at it themselves. "It's flying at 60,000+ feet. Don't try to shoot it!! Your rifle rounds WILL NOT reach it. Be responsible. What goes up will come down, including your bullets," they wrote.▰2220J0250104FCRºKampala — Uganda said on Monday it was expecting to declare an end to an Ebola virus outbreak that emerged late last year and has claimed the lives of at least 56 people. If no new case is reported by Tuesday, the health ministry said it would formally announce the end of the outbreak on Wednesday.➸

♦"I put a lot of time and thinking into it because, of course, I don't want to give up my Stanford degree, you know, because it's, like, a Stanford degree," Hinton said.★160-473HS♠According to court documents, at least two condominium managers quit because of him, and security guards quit or changed shifts to avoid him. Residents also said Villi would swear at them and film them.♚


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