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◑Context to know: Florida is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Rental and housing prices have increased as demand surges, especially in big cities like Miami. Housing advocates say the law will make only a small dent in improving the situation. The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates Florida is short 440,000 affordable rental units. One consultant told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that the law will generate about 25,000 new units.▣


◆Her resolution is the latest in a long line of congressional efforts by Democrats to compensate Black Americans for centuries of racial inequity. Similar language about reparations has been introduced in every legislative session since 1989.↖2116-V⊕He said he heard his son calling for help and ran to his aid, where Caccavale said the vehicle was driving "erratically" and hitting items on the property, such as boulders and fence posts.▤17155C«White House communications director Ben LaBolt cast the talks in a harsh light, accusing Republicans of "taking the economy hostage and pushing us to the brink of default." There is a path forward, the statement said, "But President Biden will not accept a wishlist of extreme MAGA priorities that would punish the middle class and neediest Americans and set our economic progress back."⇏C2012X5R1V106K125AC↹In his first reaction to the Islamabad high court's Friday decision to grant Khan bail, Pakistan's current Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif accused the judiciary of acting "like an iron shield" for Khan, and claimed the courts were showing double standards.◘

✿Wright's mother, Katie Wright, said after the sentencing that Potter "murdered my son," adding: "Today the justice system murdered him all over again."◙C1206X431M8HACAUTO₪"Rage-induced shootings" are on the rise, though still relatively rare, says Allison Anderman, senior counsel and director of local policy at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.☺

♈Here's what you need to know:❤


♖"However, there was no record of them arriving in Cabo San Lucas or a report in of their location," the Coast Guard said in a statement on Friday.↽0603J2001P10DUT✣The Dalai Lama has resided in the green, northern, hillside Indian city of Dharamshala since 1959, after an unsuccessful Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupation. Beijing still regards Tibetan Buddhists with suspicion and hostility.✪CWR09KK106JSB▩The report added that the journalist went to the Charite Hospital in Berlin -- where Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was treated after being poisoned in August 2020.▒1808J0630561MDRぃAnd in the case in Farmington, after the initial shooting of the victim, Dotson, his wife fired at officers from the doorway of the residence, according to the state police. She stopped once she realized the people outside her house were police.↛

↙NPR's Amy Held contributed reporting.♣3SMAJ5942B-TP⊠Police declined to comment on Eaton's living arrangements after leaving prison beyond saying his parents were helping him with accommodations. Police also did not comment on whether drugs or mental illness played a role in the killings.♦


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DFE252008C-1R0M=P2▌Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor in the Ukrainian president's office, told NPR on Saturday that Ukraine welcomes the decision, which he noted was long overdue, as Russia has stepped up air attacks on Ukraine.♛C1210C184F3JAC7800∎MAKRIDIS: What you can see in some of these is a layering effect, and that's sort of layering judgments one on top of other without carrying forward the uncertainties of each layer.▁


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