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▪Back in November 2020, NPR reported that Hannity invited RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on his show on the night before Biden would be projected to win the presidency.Θ

♗Religious institutions were affected as well as schools.☃

▐The man accused of opening fire inside an Atlanta medical facility Wednesday, killing one person and injuring four others, is being charged with murder and aggravated assault, Fulton County, Ga., jail records show.➧


◇As John A. Farrell wrote in his 2017 biography on Nixon: "The saga of the Pentagon Papers came to a close with the president, not the whistle-blower, as the premier casualty."⊙VKP472MCQEJ0KR←But some scientists say this conclusion is premature, instead arguing for other possible causes, including malnutrition and even the consumption of a toxic mushroom. The stakes are high for the roughly 2,100 nodding syndrome survivors in northern Uganda — and countless others in places where the numbers are even less firm, such as South Sudan. A lack of understanding of the disease's origins could delay current treatment and perhaps even the scientific know-how needed to combat the next nodding syndrome epidemic.↬VJ0805A681KXAAP♥"The need for disclosure outweighs the need for secrecy," Taylor wrote in his decision to release the report, saying a "public reckoning" may be the only form of justice available to some victims.➯AU016D104KAG2A➚The Associated Press typically does not name people who say they have been sexually assaulted unless they come forward publicly, as Carroll has done.→

◣"We're digging into it," he wrote.↗VJ0603D151KLAAR⇪What it will do: Prohibit state and local governments from making a range of investments based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. The legislation also bars banks from making financial decisions that take into account a customer’s political or religious beliefs, as well as factors like whether they own a firearm.•


✄The FAA warns that a significant shortage of air traffic controllers overseeing the very congested New York area airspace could increase flight delays into and out of Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports by 45% this summer.↴C327C201F3G5TA7301⇄The company is also a social media powerhouse. It surpassed 16 billion social video views in the final quarter of last year. It has nearly 94 million YouTube subscribers and has more than 20 million followers on TikTok. Its female wrestlers comprise five out of the top 15 most followed female athletes in the world, across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, led by Ronda Rousey with 36.1 million followers.➼VJ7157A103JBBBE31▀A previous version of this story incorrectly presented which team had which score.↓FDS5672_F095☍"First and foremost, we'd like to extend our deepest apologies to the individual who was affected by the training exercise," said Lt. Col. Mike Burns, spokesperson for U.S. Army Special Operations Command.⏎

↗In 2020, a Pew Research Center study reported that 37% of respondents in India said that "homosexuality should be accepted by society," up from 15% in 2014.☁1206Y6300750FQT♞"The hearing brain is vast," Kraus, the neurobiologist, says. "Our experience with sound really does shape us."♦

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