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⇎After a career and perreo spanning more than three decades, Daddy Yankee retired last year with the release of his final album, Legendaddy.▄


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1210Y0630392JCR↕Senior Biden administration officials told CBS News that, after the balloon was shot down, the U.S government spoke directly with the Chinese government about the action.⊙FGI40N60SFTU✿"At this point, I do know who did it," she told NPR. "But this story is not about that."↲


▨And just as Bryan's reputation for spellbinding speeches filled halls with eager hearers in his day, the often raucous energy of Trump's rallies held the cameras and commentators of cable TV news in thrall through 2015 and 2016.⇍CGA7M1C0G3F560K200KA¤Health policy experts suggest the Biden administration could use the possibility of claiming those funds as leverage: In return for allowing states to keep the cash, it could require all of it be spent on addressing the opioid crisis or be used only for treatments backed by research.↼0603Y2002P70CCT☆Former President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts. The charges stem from an investigation led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who alleges that Trump falsified business records to conceal damaging information from 2016 election voters.⇈BC490G▧She added, "The use of a copyrighted work may nevertheless be fair if, among other things, the use has a purpose and character that is sufficiently distinct from the original. In this case, however, Goldsmith's original photograph of Prince, and AWF's copying use of that photograph in an image licensed to a special edition magazine devoted to Prince, share substantially the same purpose, and the use is of a commercial nature."♦

∷The Palestinian Health Ministry said the men were killed by Israeli fire near the city of Nablus and identified them as Jihad Mohammed al-Shami, 24, Uday Othman al-Shami, 22 and Mohammed Raed Dabeek, 18.◑GRMJN7R61C226ME05J⇪Months later, a man approached her in a Las Vegas parking lot and told her to "leave Donald Trump alone."◦


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C1210X7R251-474KNE☼The doll wears a yellow and blue dress with butterflies, all symbols associated with Down syndrome awareness, according to NDSS.█1808J2000220FCT♠The New Earth isn't an easy book to write about — it's elusive by design. What is this novel, that talks to and about itself, that asks unanswerable questions? The closest answer might be: It's a modern epic that takes an unsparing look at family and national dynamics that nobody really wants to confront. It's ambitious and magnificent, the rare swing for the fences that actually connects.◎


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C0805C682K3GECAUTO☜The vibrations, he says, were passing through Pando's branches and trunks into the ground.✿2SCR514P5T100⚘Another set of skeletal remains, discovered by contractors doing work near the marina, also belong to a drowning victim: Donald P. Smith, a 39-year-old North Las Vegas man who died in April 1974.↳


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