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A website bearing his name describes him as a "preservation specialist" who "works to produce educational tools through reconditioning retired medical remains."☺GMC21CG5R1C100NTD❉Louisiana State University's Tigers bested University of Iowa's Hawkeyes 102-85 to win their first national basketball title in school history. Despite yet another stellar performance from Iowa guard Caitlin Clark, the Hawkeyes' late comeback run couldn't match LSU's offensive stride.⊿2220J2500821JCR☚Chung could have decided to leave her mother's cancer and death out of A Living Remedy. But in bringing the reader along as she grieves and travels back and forth to her mother's house, her finances now allowing more visits, Chung provides a rare record of the difficulty of supporting a parent through end-of-life care. "This first. Then you can fall apart," Chung tells herself as she struggles to talk with her mother about treating a brain metastasis, capturing the devastation of needing to make decisions no one wants to have to make. A similar pain suffuses the chapters about calculating the risk to her mother, her family, and herself if she were to fly out to be with her mother after the pandemic hits.✐S6010DS2TP☎Abortion bans are popular among some religious conservatives who are part of the GOP voting base, but the issue has motivated many others to vote for Democrats. Republicans in recent weeks and months have suffered defeats in elections centered on abortion access in states such as Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin.☢

⇁Despite professing an interest in fairness, Musk appears to have run afoul of Twitter's own guidelines in giving NPR a label that can harm its credibility.▧0603Y0630221JAT✍"I never met this woman. I never saw this woman," Trump said on CNN. He called Carroll's story "fake" and "made up," and he referred to Carroll as a "whack job."¤

♠Adams questioned whether the pursuit unfolded at high speeds the whole time. However, he said, any car chase through the densely populated city is perilous.➹


•The officers park further back and exit the car. Galloway gets his rifle from the trunk.✆04021A150KAT2AღIlana Masad is a fiction writer, book critic, and author of the novel All My Mother's Lovers.↩IMC1812EU8R2K✦They planned to stop in Cabo San Lucas — roughly 224 miles from Mazatlán — on April 6 to report in before they continued their trip, the Coast Guard said. However, there was no record of the three mariners arriving in Cabo San Lucas nor a check-in of their location.◎C327C561F3G5TA7301➭And after it's been removed, don't throw it away!▄

➨According to charging documents, one of the posted documents "described the status of the Russia Ukraine conflict, including troop movements, on a particular date." The government confirmed that the document in question is classified at the highest level, according to the criminal complaint.☾CC0805KRX7RABB331◈"When the pandemic hit, I put in a million dollars of my own money and raised another $5 million dollars. We started the COVID 19 Early Treatment Fund and we started funding early treatments," said Kirsch.↦


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CC1812MKX7RDBB102▎"Instead, he ""encouraged"" Trump to avoid saying or doing anything that could incite violence, create civil unrest or jeopardize the safety or well-being of any⇧VJ0805A150JXAPW1BC➯What are people saying? Marine biologist Julianne Kalman Passarelli is the education and collections curator at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, California, and spoke with NPR about the mysterious blobby dudes.↞

↔And yet, he says, images of people using these common, crucial safety devices have generally been hard to find — especially when it comes to people from historically excluded communities.⇋

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