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✍The company did not specify which items were being removed, but misinformation in recent days has centered on its children’s bathing suits that were falsely labeled as “tuck-friendly” by prominent conservative groups and media outlets. The tuck-friendly swimming suits were only for adults, the Associated Press reported. Tuck-friendly swimwear offers extra coverage to allow transgender women without gender-affirming operations to conceal their genitalia.□1210R-331F▲As the West grapples with a megadrought that has lasted more than two decades, and states risk cutbacks in water from the shrinking Colorado River, the San Luis Valley offers clues to what the future may hold.√TH3A475M016F2900↹SpaceX is pinning part of its financial future on this new and fully-reusable orbital system. The company currently uses its Falcon-9 rocket to launch its Starlink Internet satellites into orbit, a few dozen at a time. Starship could one day be able to send several hundred per launch.■IRF6626TR1PBF★Now here's the other side to the argument.♂

⋄He noted Medicare and Social Security — two programs that have broad public support but are also major drivers of spending — would not be impacted by the cuts.➘BAT54-TP⇗But she also urged the township's leaders to start offering public trash services. The government's website says residents can contract with private trash companies, noting that "Old Bridge does not provide sanitation services for household solid waste or bulk items."✚


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GCM31MR71E155KA55L✯A global operation in 2018 saw 8 tons of pangolin scales seized worldwide, half of that by Vietnamese maritime authorities on board a ship arriving from Congo.◆2N6666☋-- In June 2019, Thomas and his wife, Ginni, flew on Crow's private jet to Indonesia for nine days of island-hopping on the billionaire's yacht. That sort of trip would have cost him more than half a million dollars if he had paid for it himself.♂

◐"The way he's been showing up in their districts and harassing their constituents, it's disgusting," said Wes Bryant, one of about 60 anti-abortion protesters gathered across the street from Cooper's rally for a prayer event.⇨


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M39006/22-0457✍Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., asked to move a resolution replacing her, at her request, until she can return, with Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. The top Republican on the Judiciary panel, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., objected and blocked the measure.↟PD412611↹About half an hour later, a helicopter appeared and fired at the site, said the witness, who asked not to be identified because he feared punishment by the authorities.☀


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BSR12,215☣Flamini's team says she spent her days reading, drawing, exercising, knitting wooly hats and recording herself with two GoPros. Spanish production company Dokumalia plans to turn her experience into a documentary, AFP reports.¤65DN06ELEMXPSA1①Cadwallader Staub now lives in South Burlington, Vermont. She's a poet, and enjoys spending time with her grandson, also named Warren. Now, 20 years later, she still remembers her unsung hero.◥


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