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➣REUDA: Our officers were seeing a very rapid deterioration of the situation. U.S. forces were were not big enough to hold the country. Remember that the coalition administration inside Iraq had demobilized the army and they had told the army, go home. And they did. But all of a sudden, we had 450,000 armed men unemployed, which became very fertile recruiting ground for an insurgency. Services had been at least degraded significantly. So electricity, running water, things like that were not functioning, which creates an unhappy population. The coalition authority had de-Baathification, the government, which meant getting rid of anybody who belonged to the Baath Party. And as we had articulated, the vast majority of members of the Baath Party had to be Baath Party members to hold the job. It was like the Communist Party in Russia. So you had teachers, policemen. They weren't committed bases. They just had to have the job. But all of a sudden they were out of jobs and law and order started to break down. And we started seeing this get worse and worse.➤1812Y0160332JCT⇒Scott will be the second South Carolina Republican to jump into the race; former Gov. Nikki Haley announced her candidacy in February. South Carolina is an early voting state for both Republicans and Democrats in 2024.◑BZT52C75-E3-08☻A separate 2020 study by a group of China-based scientists points to increased temperatures in the upper atmosphere contributing to "a profound impact on the wind shear and turbulence in mid-latitudes."⇄M39003/01-2986H❄"And yet if you kill one person, you get the death penalty or you go to jail for life."

ぃBritish comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted: "Farewell, Barry Humphries, you comedy genius."▩1206Y0500392KAR☠The priority, he added, is to eliminate onchocerciasis everywhere.⇜

▷The March affidavit states that Thompson had beat the victim, a woman pregnant with his child, several times throughout their relationship, including trying to strangle her and leaving her with a black eye.◆


ぃ"Several U.N. national female personnel have already experienced restrictions on their movements, including harassment, intimidation and detention," an April 5 U.N.memo stated, prompting the order from the organization asking staff to stay at home.▆HK100527NJ-TV↘The opposition had sought to capitalize on widespread discontent over high levels of corruption and deficiencies in the health and education systems that worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Paraguay has a relatively stable economy, but with high levels of poverty.▥VJ0603D390GXAAJ➮The skeletons were buried in wooden coffins, which are now only identifiable by their nails.⇠BZD27C10P-HE3-18♠Inslee says the University of Washington has obtained an additional 10,000 doses, or about enough for a fourth year.웃

◈The container was loaded onto the Malaysia-bound vessel and the ship started its journey on January 11 from Chittagong, reaching Port Klang in Malaysia on January 17, the day he was discovered.▤CWR09KC156KR\TR250↘The London-based BAT said in its own statement that the settlement concerns sales from 2007 through 2017 and that the company has since taken steps to improve its business practices.✪

✐But buyer beware: If you're looking to build your dream home there, think again.卍


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1812J0500474MXR⇀As Ukraine struggles to maintain global attention nearly 15 months into a full-scale war with Russia, groups like the foreign legion have struggled with enrollment. Still, Ukraine depends on the expertise of foreign volunteers to keep local volunteers and conscripts up to speed on NATO standards.↔T95Z156M025CZSL╬Then, defendants go before a judge to hear the charges against them. Defendants can enter a plea, most often "not guilty," at this stage in the criminal process.▁

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