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↟FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens said it took his firefighters only three minutes to arrive at the Astoria, Queens, home. However, with the fast-moving nature of e-bike fires and the fact the bike was being charged near the front entrance of the multi-family building, the victims "didn't have a chance to get out of the building" as the intense fire quickly traveled up the stairs to a second-floor apartment.⊟

♗Others watching from nearby should be able to see a partial solar eclipse, when the sun will look like it's had a bite taken out of it.↗

▨The picturesque Barlocco Island is located among the Isles of Fleet in Fleet Bay, about 75 miles south of Glasgow. And it's for sale.↙


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DC1050-824K◑Ben-Gvir's move this week came amid rising concern over Israel's new government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again at the helm, but he got there by forming a coalition with ultra-conservative, ultra-nationalist parties, ushering in the most far-right cabinet in Israel's history.↤GA1206A1R0DXCBP31G✃The hanging of Ali Reza Akbari, a close ally of top security official Ali Shamkhani, suggests an ongoing power struggle within Iran's theocracy as it tries to contain the demonstrations over the September death of Mahsa Amini. It also harkened back to the mass purges of the military that immediately followed Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution.♨

↸She recounts this incident in her memoir "Good Power," released last month. She actually gained weight after that conversation, so her weight didn't hinder her own career. But Rometty acknowledges that women are judged more harshly than men on appearance in the workplace, and she laments that nothing has changed☈

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