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▌If you're in that camp and resenting it, this new study could be a reason to rejoice: The researchers say that moving the McSCs to their proper location could prevent graying.♧


☟The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Holmes' attempt to avoid prison comes nearly three weeks after she deployed a last-minute legal maneuver to delay the start of her 11-year sentence. She had been previously ordered to surrender to authorities on April 27 by Davila, who sentenced her in November.♨P160R-152HS♟In his first interview since placing Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold, former U.S. Marine Daniel Penny insisted that the confrontation between the two "had nothing to do with race," and he was "not a white supremacist."↽0805Y1009P10CQT↖The law contains some exceptions, including to save the woman's life. Abortions for pregnancies involving rape or incest would be allowed until 15 weeks of pregnancy, provided a woman has documentation such as a restraining order or police report. DeSantis has called the rape and incest provisions sensible.✍C420C222F3G5TABrazilian prosecutors alleged he used a fake name and a stolen checkbook to buy goods, including tennis shoes, in a store in Niterói. He was formally charged in 2011 but authorities lost track of Santos until he became a U.S. congressman in 2022.۰

☀Shares of a slew of regional banks, including most prominently PacWest Bancorp and Western Alliance Bancorp, have fallen sharply in recent days, as Wall Street worries other lenders could be vulnerable to bank runs.✃CDR31BP6R8BCUM\M500♠Daniel recently turned 7 and had a birthday party with children from his first grade class and from his soccer team. In a video from the party, the children are laughing and having a good time. New memories are important, Kristina says as she watches it. "Look, Daniel's really happy." He's even gotten some new books, in Russian and Ukrainian, to fill those empty bookshelves.➲


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CC1206KPX7R9BB182☺For Kristin and her team of analysts working on Iraq's links to terrorism, making judgments was not just important – it was also difficult.〓0805Y3001P00DQT☢But on Saturday, the broken guitar was sold at Julien's Auctions for a whopping $596,000 — nearly 10 times more than the opening price — showing that the adoration for the rock icon is alive and well nearly 30 years after he died.♀

【Rome — A fresco depicting Hercules and originally from Herculaneum, a city destroyed along with Pompeii by the 79 A.D. eruption of Mount Vesuvius, was back in Italy Monday, along with 59 other ancient pieces that had been illegally trafficked to the United States. Last summer, U.S. authorities announced that the fresco and dozens of other trafficked objects, which ended up in private collections in the United States, would go back to Italy.♙


◁"If [Target is] going to wade in on this, and they're going to put support out there for the LGBTQ+ population, I think once they enter that fray they have a responsibility to stand by that community," he said. "As soon as you back down like this, you send a message that intimidation works, and that makes it much scarier than if you had never started to begin with."↿C0402X7R1A681K020BC⇗"Like, my dad — he has all his money under the mattress," says Lopez, who moved to the U.S. from Mexico as a teenager. Her father came up distrusting banks. "He did everything in cash," she says. "He never wanted us to have a credit card."☛C1005X5R0J104K050BA☚Murray's bill focuses on improving access to birth control pills, which prevent pregnancy. But the proposal comes amidst other battles over access to reproductive health care, including ongoing litigation in the federal courts over the abortion pill, mifepristone. That drug is widely used in combination with another medication to terminate mostly first-trimester pregnancies, and to treat patients experiencing miscarriages.♟TBJB686K006CBLB0H00◐Stephen Gillers, author of perhaps the leading judicial ethics textbook, said that Thomas' failure to disclose all this is "arguably legal, the key word being arguably." The code of judicial ethics that applies to all federal judges has rules that require reporting of all gifts and travel paid for by others, but until last month, those rules had an exception for private travel and hospitality paid for by a personal friend who had no cases currently pending before the court. That appears to be the provision that Thomas believes has allowed him to avoid disclosure of his privately financed travel.✐

♩"And yet, for critics like me, this feels less like a momentous departure and more like a footnote. Unlike David Letterman or Conan O'Brien, Corden leaves late night as an entertainer who may not be that beloved by fans of late night TV and who didn't really change the game much – despite creating some of the most popular segments-turned-TV shows in recent TV history.▪1812J6K00181KXT⇛But my family was very supportive. I was ten years old the day I came home and said I could not read from the blackboard. That was a Friday. By Monday, I was already at the hospital. A different family member would accompany me to every medical visit I had. The doctors were looking to see if I had a condition that could be treated. We didn't know at the time that those visits were futile. Eventually, I grew to a point where I could go to the hospital by myself. So my family support was strong.⊞


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