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✐A simultaneous airstrike on Bahtini's home in eastern Gaza City killed two teenage sisters living in the apartment next door, the rights group said.⇓

↵Public vigilance could help, but most states have promised little to no public reporting, making it difficult to track their use of funds. KFF Health News is following how state and local governments use — or misuse — the cash through this year.⊞


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0805Y1000182GCR♠"Biden's embrace of the Dark Brandon meme shows not only an awareness of the meme and what it represents to many of his followers, but self-awareness of how the meme livens and rejuvenates his public persona," Romano told NPR.§1N5233BBULK♞The shooting occurred at the Old National Bank Building, a multistory building with a bank on the first floor and commercial space and residences higher up.☁


卍This article was supported by The Water Desk, an independent journalism initiative based at the University of Colorado-Boulder's Center for Environmental Journalism.05086C474MAT2A➱On Saturday, he told NPR that he expects the state-level charges to be dismissed and that Davis will be transferred to federal custody.⏎2225J5000120JCR⊿China is a victim of economic coercion, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Friday.✥1812Y0250681KCT▆"Delta flight 209 from Edinburgh to New York-JFK safely diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport," a spokesperson said. "We apologize to our customers for this inconvenience and are working to get them to their final destinations via Edinburgh."♟

のDivorced, the woman has lost custody of her 9-year-old son, a traumatic event that may have triggered a recurrence of her childhood speech anxiety. Though her son wants to live with her again, the woman's long-term muteness hinders her case for custody. Meanwhile, burdened by regret, the man narrates first-person chapters to his long-lost love, who he met as a teenager in Germany and who happens to be deaf. Their relationship had just begun when the man, then not much older than a boy, overstepped, proposing a lifelong commitment as a two disabled people, when she wasn't ready to accept her disability.₪2220J2K50270FCR☼Deleted accounts would wipe out data across Gmail, Google Drive and Docs, Google Photos, Google Calendar and YouTube.◦


↘The declaration for COVID-19 was the first time the WHO announced an international health emergency since an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019.☪MASW-011163-20120T⇎Some are dated to late February or early March and appear to be part of a slide deck produced daily for top U.S. military and other national security officials.✉HCPT1309-1R0-R☼But, he added, if Fulton Phillips believed he might "be more helpful by having a public position and influence ... I will pay you $5,000 per year in March each year, so long as I am in public service."↩CWR29NK225KBFZ▷For example, someone may identify as Chinese or Chinese American.❣

☌“You’ve got to remember they have security teams and adoring fans,” Polak said. “Sometimes we just have a split second to serve them, and you have to be precise.”◘1206Y1K01P80HQT★"I just swore him in," Gwinn-Villaroel said during a press conference. "His family was there to witness his journey to become a police officer."➮

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