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◣"I don't know when we weren't friends," Ellis told WTOC-TV, calling Rivers "a legend."◑


∷The string of horse deaths was on the mind of some Derby-goers.▃GRM188R71H102JA01D◩Three parents were upset, according to Carrasquilla. Two parents said they wished they were notified about the lesson beforehand, while one parent complained more specifically about the nudity, equating it to pornographic material.▤TBJB226K016CBLC0024웃Kelly, a private bar lawyer, defended Republican-drawn electoral maps in a 2012 case. He was later appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court by then-Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, but lost a 2020 race to liberal candidate Jill Karofsky.ST30100C✌In the U.S. alone, 153 people were arrested. Authorities seized 104 illegal guns and over 200,000 pills, including ones containing fentanyl, the DOJ said.➸

➬The derailment comes amid heightened attention to rail safety nationwide after a fiery derailment in February of Norfolk Southern railcars in East Palestine, Ohio. Half of the town's 5,000 residents were evacuated as emergency responders burned off chemicals to prevent an uncontrolled explosion.➥2474-47J▇For small stores, meeting the needs of an individual community is critical to remain in business.➢


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ISC1210BN8R2J⚘The next total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. will occur just shy of one year from now on April 8, 2024.↲C323C222J3G5TA7301◙His counterpart in the Senate, McConnell, has bowed to his colleague, saying just this week that McCarthy had been "sitting at the grown-ups table for months."░


♬"The best you can hope for in the news business at this point is the freedom to tell the fullest truth that you can," Carlson said in his video post explaining why he's seeking to head to Twitter. "But there are always limits, and you know that if you bump up against those limits often enough, you will be fired for it. That's not a guess. It's guaranteed."☂GA1206A8R2CXLBC31G➟New Mexico special prosecutors announced they are dropping involuntary manslaughter charges against actor Alec Baldwin for the death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Western film Rust.▤C2012CH2E102J085AA❉Last year, the governor generated international headlines when he used state funds to fly about 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. He argued most were headed to Florida. But state law at the time specified that Florida could only relocate migrants found in the Sunshine State. The legislature passed a bill amending that requirement earlier this year.⇅1206J5004P70HQT♧A child of sunny southern California, Anger achieved notoriety as an irreverent chronicler of its shadows. He made pioneering underground movies for decades, and claimed to have gotten his start in the industry as a child actor in the 1935 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that starred James Cagney and Mickey Rooney.▧

♦The changes to how CDC collects and shares COVID-19 data "comes as no surprise at all but is further evidence that these investments were always temporary and not part of a long term strategy to be better public health data stewards," Beth Blauer, who helped run a highly respected COVID data tracker at Johns Hopkins, told NPR.☪ASPI-0403-6R8M-T◙The Angelopoulos fellowship "provides opportunities for high-profile leaders who are transitioning from public service roles," while the Hauser fellowship appoints high-profile leaders to work with students and faculty on improving leadership skills, the school said.☟


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SK15BHM4G◦ATLANTA — When Destiny heard screams, she raced to a hospital room where she saw a patient assaulting a care technician. As a charge nurse at Northeast Georgia Health System, she was trained to de-escalate violent situations.⇠SFF30☜Carroll, a former Saturday Night Live writer, said they took escalators to the store's desolate sixth floor, where they teased each other about trying on a piece of see-through lingerie.⊡


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