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RPER72A334K5E1C03A↕Last week, Anheuser-Busch confirmed that two marketing executives are on a leave of absence — Alissa Heinerscheid, the vice president of marketing for Bud Light, and Daniel Blake, a marketing executive who oversees several Anheuser-Busch brands. The company has not publicly said when they will return or whether their leave is paid.◇0805J2000682JDR▣"That one really set the tone for what the cleverness of the Fold-Ins has to be," Jaffee told The Boston Phoenix in 2010. "It couldn't just be bringing someone from the left to kiss someone on the right."◆


✦When it comes to regulation, the Biden administration and Congress have signaled their intentions to do something. But as with other matters of tech policy, the European Union is leading the way with the forthcoming AI Act, a set of rules meant to put guardrails on how AI can be used.□1210Y1K50330KCR➯The restaurant's Orlando location is asking the court to block the implementation of the state's new law. Other Hamburger Mary's locations across Florida and the rest of the U.S. are not part of the suit.☛1537R-94H⊕Benson says her team then works with school districts and community-based organizations to get these materials into the heads and hands of K-12 students across the country.▍CWR26HB106KBFB\TR▣Back in 2012, prosecutors said Michel used Low's illegal foreign money to buy seats for people at fundraisers for then-President Barack Obama.⇉

☊Walters also served as a campaign manager and consultant for the Rev. Jesse Jackson during his two presidential campaign bids.⇕KBP304G C2√When phosphate rock is dissolved in sulfuric acid to make phosphoric acid for fertilizer and a few other uses, phosphogypsum is what's left over.ღ


↘"Schemes to privatize our elections have no place in Georgia or anywhere else and undermine the confidence of voters who have doubts about the legitimacy and accuracy of our elections and whether they were conducted with fairness and honesty," Ken Cuccinelli, a former Trump administration official who's now with the Election Transparency Initiative, said in a statement about the new Georgia bill.⋄IRFSL4321PBF◩The following is a partial list of when an AR-15-style weapon was used in a mass shooting:☜GA1206A3R3CXCBP31G⊙The respondents were in their 20s to 70s. Among them, 72% of male respondents and 84% of female respondents said they don't think they'd like to live that long.☂1812J1K20681GCT▐"The single-handed aspect was the one that drew me," she said of her decision to enter the race. "I really like the aspect of sailing by celestial navigation, sailing old school."▭

❁Hicks, the cyclist, told NBC News he wasn't aware of the viral Barstool tweet that featured his video — and had no issues with the original.✏VJ1206A392KXAAR⇁For more info:◑


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GA0805H153MBBBR31G⇡Unlike the excavation in the 1800s, this time the team plans to remove everything from the necropolis for analysis.⇔NTBLS1D5N08MC✲It was supposed to be a historic moment for Twitter: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would smoothly kick off his presidential candidacy on the social media platform.⊡

➡In anticipation of rocket fire, the Israeli military advised residents of communities within 25 miles (40 kilometers) of Gaza to stay close to designated bomb shelters. Israel's Home Front command ordered the closure of schools, beaches and highways in cities and towns in southern Israel, and limited public gatherings. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant approved the call-up of reserves.☚


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