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⇛A Fox proxy statement filed in 2020 does indeed list Murdoch as serving as the "executive chairman of Fox News Network, LLC."∎1808Y5000101JFT⇘I have a lot to get to with you. But I want to start on this issue, our viewers remember, of course, that your wife, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was critically injured in the shooting many years ago. You've made gun safety a real priority issue. Your colleague, Senator Murphy of Connecticut said to me recently, something is dying inside the soul of this nation. Do you think America is numb to gun violence?☢C0805C102F2GEC7210◎"You're a big-time player, a coach doesn't want you to leave, so you have to deal with the obstacle of what a coach has to say about you and what coaches say to other coaches about you during the recruitment process."✂FFA20U40DNTU∷SEOUL, South Korea — Moon Bin, a singer from South Korean boyband Astro, was found dead at his home in Seoul, his management agency said Thursday.❈

☣"He spoke at length to my wife Coretta for about his personal struggles and expressed an interest in working more closely with the nonviolent movement, but he was not yet able to renounce violence and overcome the bitterness which life invested in him," King said.☀1210D560J102KHTTennessee recorded at least 15 deaths, including nine fatalities in McNairy County, east of Memphis, according to Patrick Sheehan, director the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.☏


▼The Golden Globe is a unique race in which participants are not allowed to use most modern electronics to find their position at sea, relying instead on celestial navigation. It is a reboot of a famous 1968 race that resulted in the first nonstop, unassisted circumnavigation — a feat so rare that even today, more people have gone into space. The race was revived in 2018, and Neuschafer is now the first woman to win.⇡GRM0335C2A6R8CA01D♟"We're going to have to kick it into an even higher gear when that veto stamp comes down," Cooper told the crowd. "If just one Republican in either the House or the Senate keeps a campaign promise to protect women's reproductive health, we can stop this ban."¤0306YD473KAT2A⇗In his introduction, Verghese says this about writing the novel during the pandemic: "The day job was never more challenging than when Covid arrived; the prevailing emotion I felt — that of finding meaning in a world where there is much suffering — no doubt infuses the book." It is entirely to Verghese's credit, then, that we are driven to finish the novel's 700-some pages even while grieving and raging over all the tragic deaths and losses. It's like something one of Big Ammachi's children says somewhere in the middle of the book; Philipose, who grows up to become a renowned writer and marry a gifted artist, offers this heartfelt, resonating sentiment:✤GRM1885C2A6R4CA01D♖"If I had to pick which side to be on, and I had to win to save my life, I would probably choose to be on the prosecution's side simply because the jury pool in Manhattan is so incredibly against Donald Trump," he said in an interview with NPR.➼

♪Responding to a question from a reporter on the deadly incident in Brownsville, Abbott said local officials told him they expected to release more information on Monday about whether the motorist intentionally drove into the victims. Abbott's appearance occurred before the press conference in Brownsville.⇡2225J1K00391MXR▢Rodríguez attributed them to a group of migrants and said some 10 tents that had already been abandoned were burned. He added that they apparently set the fires to express frustration with a U.S. government mobile app that assigns turns for people to show up at the border and claim asylum.⇥


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2SK4177-DL-1E۰"It was Donald Trump's words, it was his motivations, it was his anger," that caused a mob to attack the Congress on January 6th, said Nayib Hassan, a defense lawyer for Tarrio.♥4922-13J○"This relentless pursuit, lasting over two hours, resulted in multiple near collisions involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians and two [New York Police Department] officers," the spokesperson said in a statement shared with NPR.➟


⇛The party of the prime minister was on pace for a sixth place finish, according to initial projections.⇍M39003/01-7036/HSD⊙Maciaszczyk said that he and the other conservation workers never lose sight of the human tragedy behind the shoes, even as they focus on the technical aspects of their conservation work. Sometimes they are overcome by emotion and need breaks. Volunteers working with adult shoes in the past have asked for new assignments.↹125LS30-R✦But it's not the first time chaos was the norm on the social media site.♚PSMN2R2-25YLC,115⇨Mestas, 71, is now one of the hundreds of well owners participating in a study that tackles the question: How does drought affect not just the quantity, but the quality, of water?∷

☠"He proved today that it didn't matter," assistant trainer and co-owner Gustavo Delgado Jr. said.☈C0805X512G4HAC7800♣Jack Teixeira, who is accused of publishing top-secret Pentagon documents on social media, made his initial court appearance at the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts on Friday.☀


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IHSM5832EB152L▀U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for calm on both sides and said he was "deeply concerned" about the reports of violence.▆1825Y0100153JCT☟The announcement frames Pence as a traditional conservative who could be a more predictable and palatable alternative to Trump. Hensarling and Reed were careful to call out Pence's "unparalleled commitment to conservative principles and the Constitution" and his "uncommon character."₪

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