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◘Nearly a half-century ago, the Supreme Court defined an undue hardship as a substantial additional cost, but it also said that the cost need not be more than a de minimis amount, defined in the dictionary as a trifling amount.✃0805J0100820FCR◇The people of South Korea will "feel that they are sharing nuclear weapons with the United States," enthused South Korean deputy national security adviser Kim Tae-hyo.۰S0402-2N2F1B◨The London-based BAT said in its own statement that the settlement concerns sales from 2007 through 2017 and that the company has since taken steps to improve its business practices.◈S0603-33NG3C¤The welfare misspending scandal has ensnared high-profile figures, including retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre, who is not facing criminal charges but is among more than three dozen defendants in a civil lawsuit that the current Human Services director filed to try to recover some of the welfare money wasted while Davis was in charge.☞

⇇Local politicians have urged the court not to release him this time, decrying the spread of cults in the Malindi area.♙0603J5000151KXR✈His daughter, Catherine Carter Sullivan, confirmed that he died Thursday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.の


▫I would not characterize it as a delay. I think the idea that this was a spring offensive is something that was created by us. ... I don't believe they ever put a specific date or season on it. There's three conditions that they'll have to meet before they tell President Zelenskyy they're ready to go. Number one: Are their own forces strong enough, ready enough, trained enough to be successful? The second condition is: Are Russian forces degraded enough, disrupted enough for the Ukrainian attack to be successful? And then the third condition, I think, is tied to the ground. Is it dry enough to enable or support the movement of hundreds of armored vehicles? Those are the three conditions that I think they'll want to meet before they tell the president that they're ready to go.♦M39014/05-2224☂"We don't know for sure that Haley typed that draft, but we do know that his byline was on the story," Eig said. For drastic changes like the ones he found, Eig said, "I can't believe that Haley would have signed off on that without having seen it. I think either way, it's journalistic malpractice."▣500X07W152MV4T♜CHP will assist local police in drug trafficking enforcement in key areas of the city, including the Tenderloin district, where Mayor London Breed declared a state of emergency in December 2021 over crime and drug overdoses.↼MLF2012DR33KTD25✣"I'm so used to being involved in drawing and knowing so many people that do it, that I don't see the magic of it," Jaffee told the publication Graphic NYC in 2009. "If you reflect and think about it, I'm sitting down and suddenly there's a whole big illustration of people that appears. I'm astounded when I see magicians work; even though I know they're all tricks. You can imagine what someone thinks when they see someone drawing freehand and it's not a trick. It's very impressive."▥

⏎In a 7-2 vote on Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Andy Warhol infringed on photographer Lynn Goldsmith's copyright when he created a series of silk screen images based on a photograph Goldsmith shot of the late musician Prince in 1981.↵100-122K✄"We are horrified by the senseless tragedy at Allen Premium Outlets and are outraged by the violence that continues to plague our country," the company said in a statement posted to its website.❤


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QCCP501Q1R8C1GV001T↖"Women's health and their personal right to choose is being stolen," said Democratic Rep. Felicia Simone Robinson. "So I ask: Is Florida truly a free state?"▅1808Y1K50151GCT〓Erdogan has governed Turkey, first as prime minister and then as president, for two decades. He was once seen as a reformer and champion of the working class, and this election has presented the most serious challenge yet to his leadership.◄


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VJ7175A180FXAAC31☼The CPSC has already started using the stock photos in its posters and social media graphics, such as this March tweet showing a man in a wheelchair extolling the virtues of his fire extinguisher to a magical deer inexplicably named Alan Dracula, and a May tweet in which a man with a prosthetic leg stands by his boiling pan while a Pegasus teeters on the counter behind him.✉C0805C309K1GACTU◙This first analytic mistake was a failure to be open to all possibilities.◇


▩In the summer of 2022, just as the hoopla surrounding the diabetes and weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy was rising, doctors were surprised to see clinical trial results of a similar medication made by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. Tirzepatide, marketed as Mounjaro for diabetes, showed even higher levels of weight loss: Participants had lost about 21% of their body weight, which was unprecedented.☻1210Y0160222FFR↼In between is a riotous mix of reggaetón, '80s pop, funk-infused jazz, gospel, political analysis and a reading of an influential 1994 book by Carl Sagan. The Librarian of Congress will discuss the National Recording Registry in the series "The Sounds of America" from NPR's 1A, which focuses on this year's selections.▥PMP4501G,135◫The crash is the second accident involving military helicopters in Alaska this year.✥LD031A560JAB2A➻The 22-count indictment unsealed by the U.S. attorney’s office for the District of South Carolina says that Murdaugh, 54, “engaged in three different schemes to obtain money and property from his personal injury clients” while he was a practicing attorney in Hampton, S.C.█

☞The 6-year-old bested six other finalists, including Rummie the Pekingese, Winston the French bulldog, Ribbon the Australian shepherd, Cider the English setter, Monty the giant schnauzer and Trouble the American Staffordshire terrier.⇂RBK84240XXOO✃Baby safety is one example: There aren't many images of parents with disabilities holding their baby next to a safe sleep environment.♦

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