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The governor called for the resignations of Clardy, Jennings, Manning and Hendrix.↠HZ7.5BPTN-E✐"The need for disclosure outweighs the need for secrecy," Taylor wrote in his decision to release the report, saying a "public reckoning" may be the only form of justice available to some victims.♥SE045C685ZAA⊿Earlier this month, a Texas hospital's care for transgender minors came under investigation by state Attorney General Ken Paxton, who said he was seeking evidence of alleged "potentially illegal activity" without elaborating.☠CWR11JB685KB☜Magistrate Judge David Hennessy on Wednesday granted a request by Teixeira's public defenders to delay the scheduled hearing for two weeks to give them time to review the government's request for detention. The Justice Department agreed to the delay.↢

▌The analysis further revealed that Black defendants were regularly judged by juries that are whiter than the communities they live in. That's significant because even though jurors, regardless of their race, vote guilty together in a wide majority of convictions, Black jurors were often more likely to cast a dissenting vote than whites, the analysis found.☠C0603S103J5RACTU♠The all-cash deal faced stiff opposition from rival Sony and was also being scrutinized by regulators in the U.S. and Europe over fears that it would give Microsoft control of popular game franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush.↺


♕When asked, Cherry would not say which specific reforms have been put in place or are still being implemented.▕T95R227M6R3EZAL♩Macron's signature and publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic allowed the law to enter into force. The authorized changes will start being implemented in September, French government spokesperson Olivier Veran said.♪1808J1000470JFR♪In the past decade or so, gentrification and exploding housing costs in cities such as San Francisco and Oakland drove displaced poor people here — especially people of color. As Oakland's Black population shrank, Antioch's grew.┱C1206C820J1GAC❀The World Health Organization sets the recommended limit on arsenic in drinking water at 10 µg/L, which is also the U.S. standard for public water supplies. But research has shown that, even at 5 µg/L, arsenic is linked to higher rates of skin lesions.▎

«The U.S. said the unmanned balloon was equipped to detect and collect intelligence signals, but Beijing insists it was a weather research airship that had accidently blown off course.☢Z0107NA0QP⇎"I was sleeping — or at least dozing — when they came down to get me," Flamini said, according to The Guardian. "I thought something had happened. I said: 'Already? No way.' I hadn't finished my book."☼


▅Griner's memoir is currently untitled and will eventually be published in a young adult edition. Financial terms were not disclosed.↚K101J15C0GK5TL2■The Russian capture of the last remaining ground in Bakhmut is "not tactically or operationally significant," a Washington-based think tank said late Saturday. The Institute for the Study of War said that taking control of these areas "does not grant Russian forces operationally significant terrain to continue conducting offensive operations," nor to "to defend against possible Ukrainian counterattacks."∴TBME227K016LRSB0H24↙"It happened unexpectedly because a woman in a car passed by and advised us to separate and moments later the killer was coming in the car gesturing and insulting us," Herrera said.☞PA4310.184NLT◇Charles has opted for a shorter parade route than his mother did, and a different vehicle.↱

⋄Hawaii's conservation needs are great. Invasive pests are attacking the state's forests, including a fungal disease that is killing ohia, a tree unique to Hawaii that makes up the largest portion of the canopy in native wet forests.⇚VJ1206Y683KXXMP↔"The move grounds all Army aviators, except those participating in critical missions, until they complete the required training," the Army said in a statement.♠

⇁Musk himself has raised the possibility of bankruptcy if Twitter can not turn around its financial outlook.◦


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1812J5000224KDT✚"But now it is time for a new captain to guide the FAA," Nolen said in the memo. "I told (Transportation Secretary Pete) Buttigieg and notified the White House that I will depart as a new nominee is named this summer."➸1210AC103KAJ1A✄He referred to him as "Lunatic Jack Smith," then added, "I wonder what his name was before the change."◊

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