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0805J0500110GQTThe NFL said that a "league review uncovered no evidence indicating any inside information was used or that any game was compromised in any way."✃2225J1K00101KCTAndrew Connelly is a British freelance journalist focusing on politics, migration and conflict.¤


✙A mentorship program encouraged Brandt to experiment with methods to improve the soil. He avoided tilling his farmland and planted different cover crops to enrich his soil, taking note of how they performed. Brandt soon joined a like-minded community of farmers who were trying similar “no-till” strategies. He shared his growing knowledge in animated conversations at industry conferences, lectures and, in later years, YouTube videos.▪C317C362K1G5TA▃The Saint Jacques necropolis, the largest burial site in the Gallo–Roman town of Lutetia, was previously partially excavated in the 1800s.❐1808J1000560JFT△A Coast Guard coordination center said it received a call from the Royal Caribbean ship Quantum of the Seas that an Australian man went overboard at about 11:03 p.m. Tuesday.☊2225J2500154KXR卐Susan Swan, Don Oravec and Janice Zawerbny, who co-founded the award, noted that the five shortlisted novels "made up one of the strongest literary prize shortlists we've seen in recent years."卍

↛When asked for comment about the discrepancy, Carson told NPR, "I'm certainly troubled by Haley's apparently unethical decision to distort King's statement about Malcolm X."◙T491B225M016ZT7280✪Samantha Casiano is 29 years old. She and Villasana are raising four kids, and a goddaughter who lives with them. Their youngest is 9 months old. They live in East Texas in a mobile home.↷

☇“It’s an AR! It’s an AR! It’s an AR!” an officer yelled.♦


↳The superstar QB reached a deal with the team last month on a five-year contract extension worth $255 million, which made him at the time the NFL's highest-paid player on a yearly basis.♥GA0805Y122KBXBT31G➸Fans flooded Moon Bin's social media accounts with comments expressing grief and shock over his death, which came months after he renewed his contract with Fantagio along with four other Astro members.▊BZG03B120-HM3-18∴After a dismal 2022 season, in which the A's lost 102 games, the team's 2023 season has begun especially bleakly: The team's entire payroll is just $58 million, the lowest in the league, and at 3-16, the A's have the worst record in baseball.↤2N1613L⇙On Wednesday, a three-judge panel in New Orleans questioned lawyers representing the federal government, mifepristone's manufacturer and the plaintiffs who oppose abortion. All three judges were appointed by Republicans: Circuit Judges James Ho and Cory Wilson were tapped by Donald Trump, while Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod was appointed by George W. Bush.☺

★"Government gave us some medicine to give them, I don't know what it is, but nothing has changed," she told Undark.▒T494B106K020AG♪"Frequently, we will talk about gender-affirming care as life-saving health care. And we're not saying that to be dramatic," says Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, chief education officer and medical director of the Gender Health program at Children's Minnesota. Kade Goepferd says kids who can't access care "are at significantly higher risk of worse mental health outcomes, including suicidality."➚

◈Oropesa was deported four times between 2009 and 2016, The Associated Press reported, citing immigration officials.◆


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