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➷Zelenskyy underlined the importance of defending Bakhmut in an interview with The Associated Press in March, saying its fall could allow Russia to rally international support for a deal that might require Kyiv to make unacceptable compromises.▧C0805C223JMRECAUTO↔Democrats have said they are not willing to pass any bill that links the debt limit to spending cuts. And they are particularly critical of efforts to require work requirements for those on assistance programs.☠CC0805KRX7RABB562∷Guatemala has two other active volcanoes — Santiaguito in the west of the country and Pacaya in the south.★SR212A101GARTR1▓Disney's feud with Florida«

✥The Rural Grocery Initiative found that between 2008 and 2018, 105 grocery stores closed in rural Kansas, and in half of those places, no new stores have opened.⇔1210J0500390GCT▌The company, which also owns the BuyBuy Baby chain, has struggled to regain its financial footing after a series of turnaround attempts that proved to be mistimed or ineffective.✿


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594D127X9020R2T✣Fisher also had memorable film roles in When Harry Met Sally and The Blues Brothers and was nominated for Emmys for a guest appearances on 30 Rock and Catastrophe and for her own one-woman show, Wishful Drinking. The latter was based on her book of the same name, one of several novels and memoirs she authored.✌0805J0500273KDT♥When Austin became defense secretary he called for "stand downs" or talks to discuss extremism in the ranks. As NPR's Tom Bowman reported at the time:☭


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ELL-ATV6R8N♂The trade group pointed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Integrated Public Alerts and Warning System, which can distribute safety warnings across AM, FM, internet-based and satellite radios — as well as over cellular networks.⇃1825Y5000390JCT♡Ryder said the U.S. government will continue to "track and monitor it closely."❥


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BZT52C3V6TQ-7-F❁The raid took place early Wednesday morning at the former president's home in Brazil's capital, Brasilia. The Federal Police say they served 16 search and seizure warrants, as well as six preventive arrest warrants in the capital and in Rio de Janeiro. The names of the targeted individuals were not disclosed.♣CDLL6341⇦"Following this tragic incident, 20 people... lost their lives and others are missing for which search efforts are ongoing," a spokesperson for the North Kivu governor said in a statement on Monday.º

□Once young people sign up for black-market jobs, many find it hard to quit. Police say that crime bosses control recruits through coercion, including by threatening violence against family members.↦

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