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❣"Tell me what this board of directors want from me so that I can die at peace," he said during the call with the lawyer. "I cannot take care of myself anymore. What does the board of directors want from me? You tell me, you write it down and I give it to them. I have no energy, no strength to prepare materials or to go to court at this time to defend myself."☆1808Y0500682FFR☃"You don't remember? But your teacher Iryna told me," her mom says.∷2220Y6K00220GCT▧The messages makes it hard to distinguish whether an account was verified under Twitter's old rules or is paying for the blue check through Twitter Blue.⇎AOZ5332QI☽The issue in the recalled Atlas SUVs has caused the passenger occupant detection system to sense a malfunction and turn off the airbag when it shouldn't, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.▅

◑The story is a multi-layer, complex conversation that tackles a few things about the publishing industry at once. The topic of cultural appropriation galvanizes the entire story and at various angles challenges the idea of what kind of stories writers are allowed to write given their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In one scene, June is challenged by a Chinese American reader on why she thinks it's okay to write and profit from painful Chinese history. She responds, "I think it's dangerous to start censoring what authors should and shouldn't write...I mean, turn what you're saying around and see how it sounds. Can a Black writer not write a novel with a white protagonist?"↮3090R-470J▤"I think something needs to be done" about Oklahoma's abortion laws, Statton says. That feeling has prompted her to speak publicly about what she went through. "I don't know how else to get attention, but this needs to change."﹌


♝"I liked Madonna's voice, I liked the feel, and I liked the name Madonna. I liked it all and played it again," he wrote in his memoir "Siren Song," published in 2018, the same year he retired. Stein was hospitalized with a heart infection when he first learned of Madonna, but was so eager to meet that he had her brought to his room.⇄PM628S-120-RC♥Despite the hardships of the tour to Britain, Charlotte Manye and some of the original choir members went on a second tour two years later, this time to the United States, according to Katie Manye. Again, it ended badly, Erlmann says, with managers once again abandoning the tour, leaving the choir to fend for themselves.✏T491A225M010AT4860✉The U.S. Coast Guard and the Mexican navy are searching for three American sailors who went missing over 10 days ago in Mexico.【0805Y2500151GFT☇The U.S. said the unmanned balloon was equipped to detect and collect intelligence signals, but Beijing insists it was a weather research airship that had accidently blown off course.♣

❃Since 2009, the exploding air bags made by Takata have killed at least 33 people worldwide, including 24 in the United States. Most of the deaths and about 400 injuries have happened in U.S., but they also have occurred in Australia and Malaysia.♪DPLS4140E-13⇣Still, according to Gurule, even discussing capital punishment as a policy proposal threatens the status of the U.S. in the world when most countries condemn the death penalty.◦

↸We've seen jealous, possessive friends and housewreckers with no boundaries before, though perhaps not quite so thoroughly, unapologetically unlikeable. Of course, fictional characters needn't be likeable or sympathetic to be effective, but they must be interesting. Temi, manipulative and controlling, bears similarities with the intrusive scene-stealers in Zoë Heller's What Was She Thinking? Notes on a Scandal and Claire Messud's The Woman Upstairs. But she's more annoying than intriguing.☼


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CDR31BP471BKSR\M500♧Hanging over the trial was JetBlue's proposed $3.8 billion purchase of Spirit Airlines, the nation's largest discount carrier. In March, while Sorokin was mulling his decision, the Justice Department sued to block that deal too, arguing that it would reduce competition and be especially harmful to consumers who depend on Spirit to save money.▣VJ0402Y151JXJCW1BC☂Ardern previously received the Kennedy School's Gleitsman International Activist Award in 2020 and delivered Harvard's 2022 commencement speech.⇛


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CDR31BP3R3BCWSARⓛ"It's disappointing that this effort [by the state Senate] was taken," said Ronda Goldfein, who sits on the Safehouse board of directors.⊙S6010DS2TP▓"We're going to have to kick it into an even higher gear when that veto stamp comes down," Cooper told the crowd. "If just one Republican in either the House or the Senate keeps a campaign promise to protect women's reproductive health, we can stop this ban."▬


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