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♀Once inside, the gunman began firing as he burst into rooms 111 and 112, where he shot at dozens of children who had gathered to watch movies on the last day of school.☆GRM2165C2A181FA01J❒“If the nonpartisan CBO expected the resolution to work the way the Left is saying there would be a larger cost saving,” Foxx said. “CBO’s cost estimate did not include additional savings that would have accrued if this resolution required borrowers to make retroactive payments for the years of the repayment pause.”◆ERB32Q5C2H2R4CDX1L✍Minow came to know John Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy in the 1950s, while he was an aide to Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson, the two-time Democratic presidential nominee. He left the FCC in 1963.♚1812Y0630153KDT♠Negotiations had most recently centered on a waterfront site near downtown Oakland. Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao announced Wednesday night that the city had ceased those negotiations with the team, adding that she was "deeply disappointed" with the team's decision.⇩

⋄She also spoke to women and girls about the issue of sexual abuse – a problem during the pandemic when families were often confined to their home during lockdowns – and referred people to the authorities for help.➳2220J0100123KCR☠The final ruling from the appellate panel led the DOJ to appeal even higher to the Supreme Court in hopes of ensuring access to the drug is fully restored.♥

⊙Becirovic also called Arman's death "a painful reminder to dangers posed to journalists and media workers in areas caught up in war."▧

⊞Under Serbia's gun laws, citizens and permanent residents must meet several requirements in order to own a gun. In addition to registering their weapon, they must undergo training in handling firearms and obtain a certificate of their medical fitness. They must also store guns securely, and give valid reasons to justify owning them.➸


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1808J2K00221KCT✈A week before Jan. 6, Barnett also purchased the 950,000-volt ZAP Hike ‘n Strike Hiking Staff, a stun device concealed in a walking stick, investigators found. On Jan. 4, 2021, soon after Barnett arrived in Washington, he began bragging about urinating on fire hydrants in the city to “mark our territory,” prosecutors said. During the evening of Jan. 5, Barnett demonstrated the Hike ‘n Strike’s electric shock capabilities in his hotel bar, leading to the bar being shut down, according to court records.■C1206X102J5GEC7800◎Buckingham Palace released King Charles' coronation invitation on Tuesday, giving royal watchers much to discuss.☀


▣But children are extremely resilient and adept at adjusting, she says. "They pick up new languages, they pick up the new culture, they even pick up the new identity. It's a survival mechanism that really works in our favor when we're young."✑1812Y1000562MET⇕Few literary books this year are as highly anticipated as Greek Lessons, the latest novel by Han Kang to be translated into English. After Kang's Booker Prize-winning novel The Vegetarian and the follow-up novels Human Acts and The White Book, Kang has carved out an international reputation for doing unsettling, transgressive work that's as unpredictable as it is confrontational.⇚GA1812A121JBGAT31G░Pressure to force a wealthy GOP donor to explain his ties to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas escalated on Tuesday, with top Senate Democrats pushing for new disclosures in the face of Senate Republican opposition.♟4379-124HS∎Ties between Japan and South Korea have improved rapidly since March, when Yoon's government announced plans to use South Korean funds to compensate forced laborers without requiring contributions from Japan. The plan aims to end a dispute stemming from South Korean court rulings in 2018 that ordered Japanese companies to compensate Korean workers for abusive treatment and forced labor during World War II, when the Korean Peninsula was a Japanese colony.◀

▎The Dutch painter, whose full name is Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, is known for his realism and portraits, such as "Old Man with a Gold Chain." He also painted biblical and historical scenes, such as "Bathsheba at Her Bath."♦GMC21CG472K50NT♥The examination by NPR and Mountain West News Bureau also revealed that many of the deaths occurred after correctional officers failed to provide proper and timely medical care, and that poor staff training led to several inmate deaths that could have been prevented. Officials have called the tribal jails program a "national disgrace."◆


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