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✤Later, post-coitally, they talk about the fact that she isn't sure how to go forward with Matsson. Tom immediately diagnoses the situation correctly: "Still keeping all your options open, honey, you should be careful with that." In one of my favorite scenes Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen have ever played together, all their hostility breaks down in this weirdly cynical, rich-person, beautiful way, where he gently and straightforwardly acknowledges his love of money. He acknowledges that his betrayal came from being afraid he'd get caught between her and Logan and wind up losing his position and all his nice things. But, he notes, she likes nice things, too. If he invites her to live with him broke, giving up everything for love, she won't, and they both know it. This makes them both smile.⇏TAZH336J025LRSZ0000☀The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are helpful in setting overall recommendations for healthy eating, yet Nicastro points to studies that show how much variation there can be in how individuals respond to specific foods or diets. For instance, a published study showed that even when people eat identical meals, their levels of triglycerides, glucose and insulin response can vary.♣1210Y1K50270JCR◁"Today is a victory for tip-over prevention that has been far too long in coming," the group Parents Against Tip-Overs said in a statement after the vote. "Had this stability rule existed twenty years ago, our kids would still be here today."▁2225Y3K00331MXR✡"It was a testimony to Malcolm's personal depth and integrity that he could not become an underworld czar, but turned again and again to religion for meaning and destiny. Malcolm was still turning and growing at the time of his brutal and meaningless assassination."►

❂"These medicines are the opening to a whole new era of treating metabolic disease," says Dr. Louis Aronne, an obesity specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine, one of the co-authors of the SURMOUNT-1 study. "They're finally in the range of bariatric surgery," Aronne says, noting that it could give people an alternative to the surgery, with potentially few side effects. Aronne has been studying weight loss drugs for many years and is a consultant for Eli Lilly.♭1825Y2K50181KCT❂Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis said Fox lawyers previously had "represented to him more than once" that Murdoch was not an officer for the subsidiary cable network. Such information "could have" led him to make different rulings earlier on in the case, he said.▂


▬"It was written," French sports daily L'Equipe wrote after the right to select Wembanyama was won by the Spurs. That team previously excelled with French players such as Tony Parker and Boris Diaw.☆VJ0603D120GLPAJ↑The U.S. Department of the Interior released a report last year that identified more than 400 Native American boarding schools that sought to assimilate Native children into white society. The federal study found that more than 500 students died at the boarding schools, but officials expect that figure to grow exponentially as research continues.▫JAN1N6328C×Russian fighter pilots involved in an encounter with a U.S. drone that resulted in its crash were given state awards, the Defense Ministry announced Friday. The move appears to signal Moscow's intention to adopt a more aggressive stance toward future U.S. surveillance flights.▫SCMD4D08-270☼NPR's Tom Goldman contributed to this report.ⓥ

☜NEW YORK — Donald Trump's lawyer began grilling writer E. Jean Carroll in court Thursday about a 1990s encounter at a Manhattan department store that she says ended with Trump raping her — an account she acknowledged contained some details that were "difficult to conceive of."⇊1410Y1000121MCRE03↕Austin's visit comes ahead of the March 20 anniversary of the ground invasion that ushered in two decades of bloodshed that Iraq is only now beginning to emerge from.▩

♬One day after Santos pled not guilty, he appeared remotely in a criminal court for a separate case in Brazil. The New York Times first reported that the embattled congressman signed a deal with Brazilian prosecutors that he would confess to stealing checks to buy clothing and other goods in 2008 and pay almost $5,000 in fines.⊙


♢"What is new... is the depth of the crack," nuclear safety expert Yves Marignac, who is an advisor to the ASN, told AFP.➚1206J5000220FQT☟Status: Signed into law; takes effect July 1⇟P0648.682NLT◎Matt Nock, the Harvard researcher, recognizes the place of AI in crunching numbers. He uses machine learning technology similar to Pachipala's to analyze medical records. But he stresses that much more experimentation is needed to vet computational assessments.◨1206Y0160820GFR➤Musk has since removed the labels, but the outlets originally targeted have not resumed public activity on Twitter.♧

➮Following the recent leak, the Pentagon said they are reevaluating who gets access to these kind of files.▐0805Y5000472KER❉The slayings came a day after a 13-year-old boy used his father's guns to kill eight fellow students and a guard at a school in Belgrade, the capital.⇘


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BAV70DV-7▽"I just wanted to make sure that it's actually going out to the right people, people that we can actually educate and give training," Tanner said. "The more we can educate the public, the better off we are."◢GA0805A222FXABT31G♠In the 1970s, he served on the Board of Governors of the Public Broadcasting Service. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Minow was appointed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to head a panel to study the use of data mining to track potential terrorists. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.☢

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