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CDR31BX103AMZRAJ■The judge said the airlines offered only minimal evidence that the partnership, called the Northeast Alliance, helped consumers.♂2225Y2500104KDT♦It's unclear if any individual Twitter users with legacy blue check marks have had them involuntarily stripped as of Monday. But accounts now display a new message when you click on the icon: "This account is verified because it's subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account."♡

▩Last week, 26-year-old actress Jung Chae-yull was found dead at her home. Her agency did not say what caused her sudden death.▌

☻A handful of other officers faced reprimand. Kindell was ordered fired, with McCraw writing in his termination letter in early January that the Ranger “should have recognized the incident was and remained an active shooter situation,” the Tribune reported. But records obtained exclusively by The Post show Kindell is still employed with the Department of Public Safety.☣

☟"The LGBTQ+ community has celebrated Pride with Target for the past decade. Target needs to stand with us and double-down on their commitment to us," she added.¤


◣Butler said the government's next budget proposal would include $737 million Australian dollars ($492 million) to fund several efforts aimed at vaping and tobacco use, including a lung cancer screening program and a national public information campaign encouraging users to quit.⇖1624002-1◀Experts say the missile, which uses solid fuel as opposed to liquid, is a major milestone for the nation's military and will greatly strengthen its already formidable nuclear arsenal.⇝1825J0630221JCR〓"It doesn't mean that they don't need – nor receive – any support," Bausch adds. "But they have gotten this down and figured it out. So things happen much more independently than they did [before]."➢PF0560.103NLT▧Some Republican senators said Nolen — a former airline pilot who briefly ran the FAA's safety office — would have been a better choice, but there was no indication that he was under consideration.⇗

❣"Crotone prosecutor Giuseppe Capoccia confirmed investigators had identified three suspected smugglers, a Turk and two Pakistani nationals. A second Turk is believed to have escaped or died in the wreck.♦C0603C0G1H1R5B↪According to the Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control, dozens of other countries also ban the retail sale of e-cigarettes, including Brazil, India, Japan and Thailand.✄

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