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☎A spokesperson for Bragg's office called the hearing a "political stunt."☇

۰In response, Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif told NPR that Khan's "commitment to [the] state, his commitment to Pakistan ... is dependent upon his being in the government."➧


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C1210C560M5HAC7800☆The regional military administrator for Uman, Ihor Taburets, told reporters that three children were among 21 killed in the apartment building, with more likely to be found dead in the rubble.➳C0805X471K1HACAUTO☜And as a measure of how that messaging lands, a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday found that two-thirds of all respondents think that the charges in New York are not that serious. Six in 10 say the investigation is politically motivated.⇄

↼Ticks live in forested areas at ground level and in low vegetation. They generally move around the landscape by hitching a ride on animals that they also feed on, including mice, chipmunks, birds, as well as white-tailed deer.↝


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SRR1005-180Y◨The most senior members of Britain's clergy and Charles' son, Prince William, pledged allegiance to the king before the audience replied with "may the king live forever."☆C1210X169D3HAC7800■Bragg's case rests on the idea that Trump regularly employed a "catch and kill" scheme to bury negative information.➶


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