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♦An Australian police officer is under investigation after firing a Taser at a 95-year-old woman with dementia inside a nursing home.▤


⇎And this kind of technology could play a crucial role in learning more about deep-sea environments in general, from undersea resources to geological features to unknown species.۰4470R-44G▩Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf were under police escort on their way to a medical checkup at a hospital on Saturday night when three men posing as journalists targeted the two brothers from close range in Prayagraj city in Uttar Pradesh state.▬BZV55C12-TP❁Coronado told investigators that he saw no signs of injuries, leading him to assume no children were at risk — even though during a lockdown, students are trained to stay quiet.▁VJ0805D1R8BXCAC↯"Frequently, we will talk about gender-affirming care as life-saving health care. And we're not saying that to be dramatic," says Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, chief education officer and medical director of the Gender Health program at Children's Minnesota. Kade Goepferd says kids who can't access care "are at significantly higher risk of worse mental health outcomes, including suicidality."❤

↺"I want to work with these types of people, with these types of teenagers," she says, referring to those who end up attacking schools. "I want to understand them better so that massacres like the one here in Suzano don't happen again. I'm tired of waiting for others to do something. I want to be part of the solution. I want to overcome it."º2220Y5000561KXT➲Footage shared on Twitter showed the balloon falling from the sky. The senior defense official told CBS News that the balloon was about six nautical miles off the coast of South Carolina when it was shot down. There were no indications that any military personnel, civilian aircraft or maritime vessels were harmed, the official added.▆


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1206J0500222JAT✤Brands suggesting a product will “solve a major world issue” have been less successful, he said. For example: Pepsi’s 2017 ad featuring model Kendall Jenner seamlessly diffusing tensions between police and protesters with just the magic of a shared soda can.►1206Y1K00332MER◥"In my assessment — and that of economists across the board — a default on U.S. obligations would produce an economic and financial catastrophe," Yellen said in a speech.⇋

◘He went on to speak about grieving with hope — a sermon that he planned a year ago for his Palm Sunday service, but became eerily appropriate this week.✿


⊙"The damage is pretty widespread. It's just heartbreaking to see it," Parrott said.£CAS18C820JAGFC큐Courts have not yet weighed in on AI's use in music and it's unclear how any profit would shake out legally. Grimes asked creators to register music with her website.♀1206J0500394KDR◑"It was Donald Trump's words, it was his motivation, it was his anger that caused what occurred on January 6 in your amazing and beautiful city," defense attorney Nayib Hassan said. "They want to use Enrique Tarrio as a scapegoat for Donald Trump and those in power."◇SCRH6D38-101▭"The news industry didn't really have a profit model other than trying to get eyeballs and earn digital advertising revenue," said Courtney Radsch, who studies technology and media at UCLA. "But what we saw is that the tech platforms, specifically Google and Facebook, ended up controlling that digital advertising infrastructure."♨

❧As women age, the effect of weight on their wealth gets worse. The National Institutes of Health published a report that found that the financial net worth of moderately to severely obese women ages 51 to 61 was 40% lower than that of normal-weight peers.ºSDR1030-681K✎The U.S. government has never defaulted. But if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that money could run out as soon as June 1.◎


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