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RCE5C1H683J2A2H03B▨After voting to end debate, Davis said in a message to The Post that he preferred the six-week ban to the existing 22-week limit. “We needed to bring this to a vote one way or another,” he said. “All senators who wanted to be heard had been heard.”⇜CC06CG222F✄Jordan responded to the lawsuit in a tweet, saying Trump was indicted "for no crime" and that Bragg is trying to block congressional oversight.☀

☂Launched with the 2017 model year and billed by GM as America's most affordable EV, the Bolt became one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market.▲


➽This story was written with reporting that initially appeared in our live blog.▣1537-50J⇓In a news conference shortly after his brief crucifixion, Enaje said he prayed for the eradication of the COVID-19 virus and the end of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has contributed to gas and food prices soaring worldwide.♪C0603C0G1E090C030BG▥Taiwan legalized gay marriage in 2019, becoming the only place in Asia that allows it.☪1537-16G✦Corden was, however, adept at creating bits which would catch fire online, including Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts (celebrities either answer a controversial question or eat something horrible); Drop the Mic (Corden trading insults with celebrity guests in a scripted rap battle made to look less so); Riff-Off (celebrity guests do vocal battle with Corden) and, of course, Carpool Karaoke.º

↴The banking turmoil has cast a shadow over Thursday's meeting of the European Central Bank. Before the chaos erupted, ECB head Christine Lagarde had said it was "very likely" that the bank would make a large, half-percentage point rate increase to tackle stubbornly high inflation.✿GCM188R71E182JA37J★Na'Kya McCann, host of the podcast Embedded: Buffalo Extreme, spoke to Weekend Edition about the lasting impacts of the shooting, especially for the area's youth.✿


✂And he's consistently repeated his denials in the years since. "I don't know this woman, have no idea who she is," he wrote in a statement posted to Truth Social last October. "And, while I am not supposed to say it, I will. This woman is not my type!"¤B82477G2682M¤The suspect, identified as Serif Zorba, has been arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder and weapons charges. He is expected to appear in court on Monday afternoon, Valdes added.◐1808YA250222KXRSP☁Justice Elena Kagan's dissent, shared by Chief Justice John Roberts, stated: "It will stifle creativity of every sort. It will impede new art and music and literature. It will thwart the expression of new ideas and the attainment of new knowledge. It will make our world poorer."】GA1210Y823KBJAT31G☢But three candidate vaccines — one developed by Oxford University and the Jenner Institute in Britain, another from the Sabin Vaccine Institute in the United States, and a third from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) — are being trialed in Uganda.ⓛ

▣Authorities had offered an $80,000 reward for information and put more than 250 officers on the case.☺RGP30K-E3/54☁"In this situation, the character is brutal, totally violative of the laws of war. The scale is massive — over a frontier of 2,000 kilometers, 1,200 miles," Rapp said. "And the gravity includes the loss of thousands of civilian lives, tens of thousands of soldiers, the destruction of tens of billions — more than $100 billion, I think, close to $200 billion in infrastructure."⇓


⊟Singletary didn't have any identification on him, but local authorities were eventually able to confirm his identity and notify North Carolina police that he was in custody. He is scheduled to appear in Florida court on Friday regarding his extradition.VJ0603Q220GFAAI↽Barlow was rock pooling, an activity in which people scour a coastline for aquatic wildlife living in the gaps in the seashore that remain filled with water when the tide goes out.★C0402C221G3JAC7867▧ISTANBUL — For the past two decades, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dominated his country's politics. He's been a key and contentious player on the world stage. And he's steadily tightened his grip on power in ways that have weakened the country's democracy.➽BZX884-B9V1,315♛Pritzker also planned to visit Crawford County, about 230 miles (370 kilometers) south of Chicago, where three people were killed and eight injured when a tornado hit around New Hebron.☆

➬Sports journalist Holly Rowe called on people to stop bashing the players, no matter whose side they took.▪M39003/03-2016Several doctors who spoke in Washington said medical professionals can't provide high-quality, evidence-based care where abortion restrictions are in effect. Dr. Divya Shenoy, a director of primary care at the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, called the move to ban mifepristone "antithetical to my medical practice."♧

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