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⊡The bill heads to the Texas House Calendar Committee and then to the state's House floor for further debate before its vote. It faces long odds of becoming law.♤M2505MC200↣No injuries were reported following the blaze Saturday night at the Southern California theme park, the Anaheim Fire Department said.⊙1206Y0508P20DFT✿"It took time for him to understand that we are not going to see our friends in Ukraine for a while," she says. "Now he talks about Aurora less and less."▄RJK1051DPB-00#J5◦"I am busier now than when I was working full-time because then, it wasn't lives — it was profits and losses, it was balance sheets. This is a whole different ball game," he said. "In business, the urgency is always there to get the best results for your shareholders. But this is a stakeholder issue that is unparalleled to anything I have ever done in my life."▬

☁Context to know: DeSantis has characterized ESG as a “radical ideological agenda” and framed measures to curtail its use as part of his “anti-woke” campaign. Republicans in several other states have sought to blacklist banks that factor climate risks and social concerns into investment decisions. But not all have succeeded.▤0805Y0630561KXT↰This time around, the debt has also seen a spike due to a sudden and unanticipated event — in this case the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent recession. Though not as deep or as enduring as its predecessor, that recession caused the same kind of demand for government money while once again depressing revenues.◐


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ST30100C❦Confident, compassionate, and incredibly engrossing, Ink Blood Sister Scribe grabbed me with its first pages and put me completely under its spell — despite not being written in blood. Elements of many different genres entwine to form the cleverly paced narrative as we travel from Antarctic station thriller to new England murder mystery to the secret society intrigues of Europe's magical elite. The characters are all delightfully warm in their own weird ways, despite being traumatized and frazzled, and the plot zigs and zags along with just the right amount of twists and reveals. Ink Blood Sister Scribe stands out as a stellar and original debut novel.┱CWR09FK336KB\TR▅London's Metropolitan Police said four people were detained on suspicion of criminal damage and obstructing the highway Thursday morning in relation to the protest.✌


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VJ1812Y224KXCAT◆Francis, along with dozens of prelates and tens of thousands of faithful, celebrated Easter Mass in a flower-adorned St. Peter's Square, affirming the Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead days after his crucifixion.♝SZMMSZ4V3T1G☆After initially hesitating to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, Germany has become one of the biggest suppliers of arms to Ukraine, including Leopard 1 and 2 battle tanks, and the sophisticated IRIS-T SLM air-defense system. Modern Western hardware is considered crucial if Ukraine is to succeed in its planned counteroffensive against Russian troops.⇜

☇7. ""Wang Dang Doodle"" — Koko Taylor (1966)✈


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C323C820K3G5TA7301◇Some of the Paralympics TikToks explain how the equipment and adaptations work for different sports, like penalty kicks in blind football or the assisted boccia ball setup. Most are set to viral social media sounds or songs — and many show the athletes falling or crashing into each other.⇎C327C153K2G5TA7301U.S. District Judge Leo Sorokin wrote in his decision that American and JetBlue violated antitrust law as they carved up Northeast markets between them, "replacing full-throated competition with broad cooperation."❥


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