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⇈The tent fires in Matamoros come on the heels of a March 27 blaze that killed 40 men at a Mexican immigration detention center in Ciudad Juarez. The fire was allegedly started by a detained migrant to protest conditions at the facility in the city across from El Paso, Texas.✌


▇The international body is marking the 75th anniversary of the displacement on Monday to "serve as a reminder of the historic injustice suffered by the Palestinian people" and to spotlight the ongoing refugee crisis, organizers said.↵2256-51K▒The legal challenge against House Speaker Matt Regier and statehouse Sergeant-at-Arms Bradley Murfitt comes with just days left in the Legislature's biennial session.▒TAZE106K015CRLC0024▉This sapphic historical romance with a supernatural twist is narrated by none other than that shrewd and knavish sprite called Robin Goodfellow, servant of the fairy king. Or rather, former servant. Out of favor, our narrator is forced to live as a mortal and (ugh) make a living telling tales...⇆1808Y2000390GCR❤"A strike authorization vote has always been part of the WGA's plan, announced before the parties even exchanged proposals," the AMPTP said in a statement. "Our goal is, and continues to be, to reach a fair and reasonable agreement."░

❈The Associated Press quoted Fontayne Payton, 35, who was at an H&M store when he heard gunfire through the headphones he was wearing. "It was so loud, it sounded like it was right outside," he said.♐2211JA250821MXTSP▭The measure "was a well-intentioned effort at values-based contracting but ultimately did not accomplish the social change it sought to effect," Board President Aaron Peskin, who co-sponsored the repeal, said in a statement. "Instead, this onerous restriction has led to an uncompetitive bidding climate and created serious obstructions to everything from accessing emergency housing to being able to cost-effectively purchase the best products and contracts for the City."▔

☢"I didn't have any money coming in. I would just, I guess, sell everything and just hope I have enough to feed the dogs. Maybe get two bags of dog food — one for them, one for me," he said with a dark laugh.♦


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TK8S06K3L(T6L1,NQ)➚Woods' withdrawal from the tournament comes two years after he returned to the sport in 2021 following a serious car accident earlier that year. The crash had left him with a compound fracture in one leg and other injuries.↱PT25-900-VM♀After the most recent rate hike a week ago, Fed policymakers hinted further increases might be unnecessary. But the central bank isn't making any promises about its future steps, given the staying power of inflation and the uncertain economic outlook.☃

☆"For both the South Korea and Japanese governments, the resumption of 'shuttle diplomacy' in itself is a win," he said, referring to regular visits between leaders.➺

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