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⇒Orlov's girlfriend, Ashley Matkowsky, an American documentary filmmaker whom he met in Ukraine during the war, was also instrumental in helping ensure that he got the necessary care.➫2220J1000124JDR♭That detail was quickly shared with Paul Guerrero, acting commander with the U.S. Border Patrol’s elite tactical unit, who arrived a minute later, according to body-camera footage. A rifle shield is brought in by a U.S. marshal. But Guerrero did not breach the classroom with his team for almost 40 more minutes, according to The Post’s review of available post-shooting interviews and videos.❈IPW60R099CP♧A senior military official told CBS News that multiple Navy and Coast Guard vessels, including the USS Carter Hall — which is equipped with a heavy crane for recovery — were in vicinity of where the balloon fell for debris collection.◙SP1210R-153J☼Though the anticipation may have been overblown, Friday still marked the start of a new era of immigration — a change that may take months to come into clearer focus.☼

♡“That was very rewarding,” he said. “I didn’t expect it to be worth much.”➟T95S685K004EZAL♠Atrium Health recruits officers who reflect the diversity of the community, conducts training to counteract implicit biases and holds debriefings after any incidents, Finley said. Officers are trained to react when someone becomes violent at one of the facilities.⇋

↜In years past Bausch was employed in a series of frontline clinical and research posts with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other key institutions. Today he is based in Geneva as senior adviser for Global Health Security at the non-profit FIND – one of the leading global organizations for developing diagnostic tests. This week he traveled for meetings in Washington, D.C., where NPR caught up with him. This conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.☺

♪Nothing exploded, Gonzalez said, although the sheriff's office initially responded to emergency calls saying there was an explosion.█


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2220Y2500184KXR➘A best practice manual for handling kiwi published by New Zealand's Department of Conservation says the "preferred model" for public events with kiwi is for people to have their photograph taken standing or sitting next to a kiwi that is being held by an accredited handler, rather than allowing members of the public to handle one themselves.⇃R9G20411ASOO♐Mabry declined to share the name of the insurance company with NPR out of concern that doing so may negatively impact her business or hurt her chances of obtaining a new insurance policy in the future.➡


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1210J2000391FCR▧Biden said he is willing to have a separate discussion with leaders about the budget and spending priorities, but said the threat of default must be removed from the table.♘MHQ1005P0N7BT000유The contract still needs to be approved by the school district's Board of Education. The school district said the board could take it up for a vote at a meeting on April 18.▷

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