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CWR29DB335KAAZ▨Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass thanked the school district and union for coming to an agreement in late March following the strike.⊞CKC21X822JEGAC7210↖"It's a publication issue," he said. "It's not a 'who said it' issue."✄


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C1210C331J1GACTU♗But Wednesday's declaration has been met with mixed reviews in Seoul. Some, especially from the ruling party, are favorable, and suggest that the deal will ease anxieties about the threat the South faces from North Korea's ever-larger nuclear arsenal. But there has also been an outpouring of criticism that the deal resulted in Seoul giving more than it got — and that it could make South Korea's neighborhood a more dangerous place.♨C0805C919B8HACAUTO♨"Governor Abbott will take every chance he get to dehumanize migrants. Even if they were murdered in a mass shooting," Illinois Rep. Chuy García replied.♨


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LD031A221FAB2A\500➫The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is demanding that ARC Automotive Inc. of Knoxville recall 67 million inflators in the U.S. because they could explode and hurl shrapnel. At least two people have been killed in the U.S. and Canada, and seven others have been hurt as a result of defective ARC inflators, the agency said.♥1825J0160103GCR☆"If we announced we were giving an Abrams tank, just one, that would unleash" the flow of tanks from Germany, Rep. Michael McCaul, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told ABC's "This Week on Sunday." "What I hear is that Germany's waiting on us to take the lead."♡

◥Wastewater monitoring for the virus will provide additional crucial metrics, he says.✿


◁Nina Totenberg, Sarah McCammon and Becky Sullivan contributed to this report.◘SR152A220JAATR2❂There are believed to be hundreds of American nationals trapped in Sudan, and the U.S. government has announced no plans for evacuation flights or other efforts to get those people to safety, as European and other nations have been doing all week.⇝LD052C391KAB2A♨On Saturday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott offered the full backing of the state government in the aftermath of the incident and expressed support for the victims.░CKC18X473FWGACAUTO▢Kholood Khair, a researcher and academic who's also hunkered down in Khartoum, says the extreme violence has shocked residents.♔

☽One final point on the WMD analysis: There is a myth about the weapons judgment that still persists today.✿1812J3K00100KCT┱"Malcolm X used King as a foil [and] tried to provoke his audiences by mocking King as a chicken, as an Uncle Tom, even," Eig said. "And it played well for his audiences because it made him seem like the more threatening. It also scared white people, which, you know, I think Malcolm wanted to do."➯

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