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卍We are going to take a quick break.  When we come back, we will discuss the important presentation to the United Nations by Secretary of State Colin Powell.↕


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M39003/01-8228/TR♦Davis, a Beaufort lawyer who described himself in an interview with The Washington Post before the vote as “fiscally conservative, socially libertarian,” said he fielded calls from constituents on both sides of the issue, consulted with his three grown daughters, his ex-wife, OB/GYNs and his priest. Davis said the issue came down to “a balancing of rights.”↰103R-183G⇃Nelson also has outlived most of his classic collaborators. But an essential one, his 86-year-old Highwaymen bandmate Kris Kristofferson, made it to the stage to join Rosanne Cash, the daughter of another Highwayman: Johnny Cash.✐

➱Trump, 76, has repeatedly claimed the encounter never happened, that he doesn't know Carroll and that she's not his "type" — comments that are at the heart of the defamation claims in Carroll's lawsuit.◄


♔The Trump administration attempted to put TikTok out of business in the U.S. over the same national security concerns. But federal courts halted the move, citing executive overreach and a lack of evidence to support the case that TikTok poses a security risk.▯SIB457EDK-T1-GE3⇃"Most of our girls have known Meg for half their life. She'd been a mentor to them since 7th grade. She was the heart and soul of this program, as you all well know," Embark wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday.☣C0603X152J8HACAUTO™The show takes place twice nightly near the park's famous Tom Sawyer Island. The climax features Mickey Mouse battling a giant dragon named Maleficent.❂150D686X9015R2T⇋Although both men were born the same year (1942), Biden was already in his 13th year as a senator when McConnell arrived.

◨In the SURMOUNT-1 study, people who took the highest dose of tirzepatide, most of whom had a BMI of about 30 or higher but did not have diabetes, lost about 21% of their body weight during the 72 week study. As researchers point out, for people who have bariatric surgery, typical weight loss is about 25% to 30% of their weight, one or two years after the surgery. In the tirzepatide study, 36% of people taking the highest dose lost 25% or more of their body weight.↧2225Y2K00470FCT√In the most sacred part of the service, the Archbishop of Canterbury will anoint the king with oil, consecrating him and setting him apart from his subjects.♛


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2220Y0500394JXT⇀China claims virtually the entire South China Sea and strongly objects to military activity by other nations in the contested waterway through which $5 trillion in goods are shipped every year.•BZT52C15S-7↕Congress isn't sold. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), said to Shou, "I still believe that the Beijing Communist government will still control and have the ability to influence what you do."◐


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