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▌The aptly named "You're Cooked" offers recipes for a select audience of Kiwis who are desperate for a bite but too incapacitated to be trusted near an oven or stovetop. The menu — promising "recipes to cook if you're drunk or high" — features a touch of humor and instructions simple enough for even the most addled of chefs.➺1206J1000150KCT▐NPR obtained an audio recording of an excerpt of the talk from Lauren Windsor, a liberal activist and consultant, who acquired them from an attendee. Vihstadt authenticated the governor's remarks.▇VJ0603Y333KXXAC↕Recounting the band's origins, Rourke told MOJO magazine that he had taken lessons in classical guitar but later switched to bass after realizing that the bassist in an early band he was in with Marr could only play one song: "Don't Believe A Word," by Thin Lizzy.▤1206YC334MAT4A▒4:30 a.m.⇇

◐"You meet people in some of their most horrifying, darkest, terrifying times," Towarnicki said. "Being with them and then seeing who they are when they leave, you don't get that doing any other job in health care."☃CDR01BX181BJZMAT◇Institute economist Breno Braga says medical debt, like diabetes, is concentrated in the South.❃

☂But that doesn't necessarily mean the perpetrator didn't pay someone else to do the deed. In recent weeks, Caleb Barlow, a cybersecurity consultant, has drawn attention to the so-called "dark web" where customers can purchase school shooting and bomb threat "services" for a few dollars.♂


✡The invitation, printed on recycled cards with gold foil detailing, features symbolic flora, fauna and coats of arms. It will be sent to over 2,000 guests inviting them to the May 6th event at Westminster Abbey (where first lady Jill Biden will represent the U.S.).⇍5AK560JAEAI❃Everyone in the Capitol and the White House has known for months that the day was approaching when the U.S. Treasury would not only run out of cash but also run out of ways ("extraordinary measures") to get by with an empty till.§0819R-22H→The victims’ families shared similar sentiments in the Linn County courtroom on Monday.♡SPD74-183M✒"I told you what you just exhibited as the only member of their caucus who is not of the Caucasian persuasion," Jones clarified in response. "I said that you put a brown face on white supremacy."❉

☀A few weeks ago, we published the thoughts of a few global advocates and activists on how they find the hope when things seem hopeless. We asked our readers to share their optimistic strategies and they really, really did — nearly 100 wonderful responses. Stay optimistic! Here's a selection of the themes and thoughts and thank you to everybody who wrote in.▍1808Y1K00183KDT⇊The recent arrest of an Air National Guardsman in Massachusetts is just the beginning of another protracted struggle over leaked top secret documents, renewing a recurring theme that predates the age of the internet.♧

➯If you're among those hoping to jet off to somewhere fun this summer, here's what you can expect.⇦


☌Thirty-five states have been represented where she works.♟TAZF475K025CBSB0023↳"I'm singing out loud," he sang, loud enough to be heard but not raising decibels in the court.⇅BZX55C3V0_T50A▯"All human gestures help. Gestures of cruelty don't help," Francis said during an airborne press conference en route home from Hungary.█IPB50N10S3L16ATMA1◆Credit Suisse swooned from scandal to scandal in recent years: Bad bets on hedge funds; accusations of not reporting secret offshore accounts held by wealthy Americans to avoid paying U.S. taxes; failing to do enough to prevent money laundering by a Bulgarian cocaine ring.ⓞ

✉How many children do you have?↭1206Y5000470FQT▨In December, Moscow said it had shot down drones three separate times over Engels airfield, an airbase in southern Russia more than 370 miles from Ukraine.▀


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