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▱In the 1801 letter, Jefferson said he'd given money "from time to time" to journalist James Thomson Callender, "a man of genius suffering under persecution."↶


◇The operation, which was led by the department's Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement (JCODE) team, involved other agencies such as the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and 30 U.S. attorneys' offices.⊙T491B475M020AT4165☀On the witness stand, DiCaprio testified about his dealings with fugitive billionaire Low, who hosted lavish parties that drew celebrities including Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys and Britney Spears (who once jumped out of a cake to wish Low a happy birthday). That all came before Low drew scrutiny from the Justice Department for allegedly stealing billions of dollars from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. Low also helped finance The Wolf of Wall Street, a 2013 film about a voracious fraudster, in which DiCaprio starred.§2220Y3K00221JCR☠After months of heavy rains that have turned roads into tire-popping swiss cheese for many commuters, Schwarzenegger struck a chord when he released a video of himself and a crew filling a depression on a street with packaged asphalt patch.✄SF66GHB0G↦"The Sacramento Kings take these claims seriously and are investigating the facts and circumstances regarding the situation, as we do anytime an accusation like this is made," the team said in a statement.♣

➪The Judiciary Democrats' letter goes on to say responses to their requests will aid "ongoing efforts to craft legislation strengthening the ethical rules and standards" for Supreme Court justices.⊠C0805C470F4HACAUTO❂"I want to change their mind and make them comfortable, remove that gap and build that bridge between them," she says.┲


⇅"I wanted to cross before May 11," she told NPR.░C320C162KAG5TA7301↚"Say what you want about our president, but when you wake up from that nap, work gets done," Wood said. He "might doze off, but then it's, 'Infrastructure bill, student loan forgiveness ... did we free Brittney Griner? Free Brittney Griner!'"➸C0805C512M8HAC7800⇃Wier is one of many people working on innovative solutions to the water shortage. As a conservation project manager for Colorado Open Lands, she worked on a deal by which a local farmer, Ron Bowman, was paid to stop irrigating his 1,800-acre farm. The deal marks the first time in the country that a conservation easement has been used to save groundwater for aquifer replenishment, Wier says.⇖1210Y2000330JFR◐"Because if you can prosecute anyone for putting anything in the mail related to abortion, there is no abortion in the United States that takes place without something put in the mail," Ziegler says. "There are no abortion providers making DIY drugs and medical devices."♂

◎But the Fed has also promised to examine whether gaps in its own oversight allowed problems at the bank to fester.↳CWR26HC336JBFB☏Price went on to become a psychiatrist. A primary part of his job is being kind to his patients, listening to them and being attentive to their needs. Price attributes his understanding of the importance of kindness to that moment when he was 15 years old.✚


☆That included McConnell. After the meeting, he noted that Trump had reached a compromise on spending with then-Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi to raise the debt limit in 2019, and said Biden needed to take a similar approach.ⓛ2225J5K00391JXT£To support the deal, the Swiss central bank is providing a loan of up to 100 billion francs and the government is providing another 100 billion francs of support as a backstop if needed.⇋1808Y6300390JCR◨In March 2021, Miguel Lerma had just lost two granduncles to COVID. It followed the death of his grandfather, Jose Aldaco, also of COVID. For the Aldaco family of Phoenix, Ariz., these three deaths – within six months of each other – shattered a generation of men.✿3094-222GS◊The animals represent a Carnival-time gift the Venetian Republic demanded from a defeated army hundreds of years ago. Brassesco is keeping alive both this story and tradition. Each year, the parade floats down the Grand Canal.√

◇And for those who are worried about accidentally ingesting a poisonous mushroom when they go out foraging, Brewer says to, "go out with people who are experts or find a local mushroom club. And if you're ever in any doubt, throw it out. Don't ever risk it."→SDR0503-471KL♠Any additional government interventions would be controversial given that it could lead to even more expectations of a regulatory rescue.↳

➣Dogecoin, founded in 2013, has gained popularity in the last couple of years. There was a concerted movement to get the coin to $1, which has not yet happened. Shortly after 11 p.m. Monday, the coin was valued at about 1 cent.↼

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