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❑In Wednesday's hearing, two of the panel's three judges criticized that language. Elrod called it "very far outside the bounds" of legal norms.░

↯But the Biden administration, noting that the case did not involve loans related to pandemic relief, contended that federal law gave the department ample authority to settle the case, and that any reputational harm to the institutions was "purely speculative."↮


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0805Y0500271JAT✿The helicopters were headed to Fort Wainwright from a mission in the Donnelly Training Area when they crashed at 1:39 p.m. Thursday, about 50 miles east of Healy.✄TLZ27B-GS18♂After receiving her commission, she stayed on at OCS to train subsequent classes.▤


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595D227X0010R2T⇈As night fell, residents reported heavy explosions and continued gunfire, as well as airstrikes pounding RSF targets. The clashes come as most Sudanese are preparing to celebrate the holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims traditionally fast from sunrise to sunset.◘CWR29CH337KBHB\TR13✂"What's causing the outages is the mixture of precipitation and wind," Hydro-Québec spokeswoman Gabrielle Leblanc said. "It weighs down the vegetation. There can be branches and trees that fall on the lines."▬

⇔If you're among those hoping to jet off to somewhere fun this summer, here's what you can expect.↬

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