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유The gunmen "murdered two of the Police Mobile Force operatives and two staff of the consulate," Tochukwu said, before setting their vehicle "ablaze."✁CDR31BP301BJWSAJ✥Ovidio Guzmán had not been one of El Chapo's better-known sons until an aborted operation to capture him three years ago. That attempt similarly set off violence in Culiacan that ultimately led President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to order the military to let him go.➥1206Y1K51P00BCT➩She said it was now difficult to keep in touch with her brother as the fighting has cut power to many parts of Sudan, leaving people unable to charge their phones.▨ISP06P005LSATMA1の"What we hadn't anticipated is what we found – the confusion, the contradictory statements, the misinformation," Heisler says. "Three of the 34 hospitals said they'd just never provide abortions," for example, even though there are exceptions written into the laws. Four hospitals said doctors needed to go through an approval process to be able to provide a medically necessary abortion, and 14 hospitals provided unclear answers about whether there was such an approval process.¤

♨RIO DE JANEIRO — U.S. congressman George Santos has likely resolved at least one of his legal cases, this time in Brazil.⚘MUN5335DW1T1G↙Cartes, a local magnate who is also the president of the Colorado Party, is a powerful figure in Paraguayan politics and members of the opposition had characterized Peña as a frontman for Cartes to hold power. Cartes stood next to Peña as he gave his celebratory speech Sunday night.➜


They've urged the administration to instead concentrate on lessening wildfire dangers by thinning stands of trees where decades of fire suppression have allowed undergrowth to flourish, which can be a recipe for disaster when fires ignite.⇍VJ0603D560FEAAO❖"We regard these actions as a planned terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the president," the Kremlin said.◎FK22X7R2A225KN000▩Video shows a Range Rover SUV running a red light about 100 feet away from the bus stop before plowing into the group of people sitting on the curb, Maldonado said. The SUV flipped after running over the curb and continued moving for another 200 feet.▎1206Y2501P00CCT♢"Recent investigative reporting has identified multiple instances in which you or entities you own or control have made payments, purchased real estate, or provided gifts, travel, or other items of value to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and members of his family," Senate Judiciary Democrats said in their May 8th letter to Crow.☽

↭Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the Defense Ministry is investigating.のC0603X820K4HAC7867∴The National Civil Police had said in a preliminary report via Twitter that nine dead were confirmed at the match between clubs Alianza and FAS at Monumental stadium in Cuscatlan, which is about 25 miles (41 kilometers) northeast of the capital.❈

☺That campaign for a citizenship question was ultimately blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court, which was later asked to weigh in on a presidential memo by Trump that called for the unprecedented exclusion of unauthorized immigrants from the numbers used to divvy up each state's share of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. After the high court punted on that case, President Biden reversed Trump's policy as one of his first executive actions.の


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MR051A681JAATR1➴Yellowstone's herds were nearly poached to extinction in the late 1800s. Today, park guests can spot the animals nearly year-round and from the roadway in places like Wyoming's Lamar Valley, a confluence of rivers in the park's northeast corner.▨TAP156K016CRS☼Section 230, however, also has a provision encouraging internet companies to police their platforms, so as to remove harassing, defamatory, and false content. And while some companies point to their robust efforts to take down such content, Twitter, the company that won Thursday's case, is now owned by Elon Musk who, since acquiring the company, has fired many of the people who were charged with eliminating disinformation and other harmful content on the site.☺


⇆The report says changes adopted in 2019 that exempted all but the biggest banks from strict scrutiny — along with a cultural shift towards less-assertive policing of banks — allowed problems at Silicon Valley Bank to fester until it was too late.☼744902068Khan's dramatic arrest on Tuesday, when armed security agents pulled him out of the Islamabad court, triggered two days of deadly protests across the south Asian country of 230 million people. Government and military buildings were ransacked, including a military commander's home. At least 2,000 activists from Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party were arrested, including senior leaders, and authorities said at least eight people were killed in the chaos.⇀C1206X222F2GECAUTO○The Feb. 6 earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria was a catalyst for further normalization across the Arab world, including regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran reestablishing ties in Beijing, which had backed opposing sides in the conflict.▓C1206C155K4REC➯"What gives them the right to block other people's normal lives?" said Vucic, who accused opposition leaders of "abusing the tragedy" following the shootings that deeply rattled the nation and triggered calls for change.⊕

◊The Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500 turboprop aircraft was flying from India to Nepal when it went down suddenly on approach to a newly opened airport in the city of Pokhara. It is believed that all 72 people aboard the flight were killed.➧0805J0160390FFR◇The agency is also working to boost salaries of BIA law enforcement, including correctional and police officers. A bipartisan bill – the Strengthening Tribal Law Enforcement Act – was introduced in the Senate earlier this year, which would allow the BIA to increase the minimum pay for law enforcement officers. Starting pay for agency cops currently is $46,000; correctional officers start at around $40,000. Cherry said that pay could increase by as much as $30,000.♠

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