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⇆While the United Kingdom isn't the only European country to have a royal family, its royals are the only ones who use regalia in coronations. Other monarchies, such as Norway and the Netherlands, have regalia on display but don't use it in ceremonies.♦RCH110NP-391K♖"But the backbone of our approach is really this house-to-house coverage [with oral vaccine], O'Leary says, "It has been demonstrated over time is that this is the best means of ensuring that we're able to reach each and every child. And that is fundamentally the key to actually achieving the goals we've set for ourselves."▫BZX55A24-TAP♠The Golden Globe is a unique race in which participants are not allowed to use most modern electronics to find their position at sea, relying instead on celestial navigation. It is a reboot of a famous 1968 race that resulted in the first nonstop, unassisted circumnavigation — a feat so rare that even today, more people have gone into space. The race was revived in 2018, and Neuschafer is now the first woman to win.♡GRJ21BR72A473ME01L➵It ruled that a person cannot change their gender on the basis of "innermost feeling" or "self-perceived identity" and must conform to the biological sex assigned to them at the time of birth.♖

↯"We are aware of the social media video involving Ja Morant," the team said in a tweet.▐2225J6K00182JXR➪The promposals Amber and Mekhi concoct are so fantastically entertaining that I found myself wishing for more, but the duo doesn't have a lot of time. Autumn needs to show success and profitability before a spot opens up on Mercer's waitlist. Prom is fast approaching, and Amber's mind and heart are at war. Over and over again, Mekhi's presence makes her seemingly impossible mountain almost easy to climb. But considering their tumultuous past, how can the two of them possibly have a future together?▯


▨An apartment building in the central Ukrainian city of Uman was been hit during a series of early morning airstrikes across the country on Friday, killing at least 21 people, Ukrainian officials said.⊙IHSM4825ER1R8L♂"That's who Donald Trump is. That is how he thinks. And that's what he does," Kaplan said. "He thinks he can get away with it here."⊙0805Y0500390FFR¤The 12,345-feet-tall volcano erupts every four to five years on average.▬AQ11EA200FA7ME➹"The government must ""make new decisions that are in line with the premise of the Supreme Court's judgment,"" Aasland told the broadcaster.✁

큐Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick emphasized that Abrams' appointment will not only honor Walters' legacy but will continue to expand it among students and the overall Howard community.▬2220J5K00680KCT◎The fire at Shell's Deer Park Chemicals facility started at about 2:56 p.m. in the olefins unit, the company said on Twitter. The product that ignited includes cracked heavy gas oil, cracked light gas oil and gasoline, according to Shell Deer Park.▏

░Leaving the open road behind, they will journey through the sagebrush-dotted foothills for a few weeks to their summer home in the Boise National Forest.


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SC312MF-270↘The human rights group Amnesty International said in a statement Tuesday that "The relentless air attacks across Myanmar highlight the urgent need to suspend the import of aviation fuel. Amnesty reiterates its calls on all states and businesses to stop shipments that may end up in the hands of the Myanmar Air Force."⇝SL211C223JAB✎But Manchec “made the mistake” of traveling to the Dominican Republic, where authorities would extradite him to the United States, the sheriff said. Law enforcement tracked him there in December 2020, arrested him the following month and brought him to the Indian River County jail, where he’s remained ever since.↸


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1808Y1K20391JXR◐They have remained in a private collection in the U.K. and were "completely unknown to scholars ever since."☼0603Y5000100GCT➸Police did not comment on the earlier beatings, but said security forces entered the holy compound after prayers in response to "masked suspects" who threw rocks toward officers at one of the gates.▐

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