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2220Y1K00150FCR⇖He said achieving an honorable peace between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia would be "a triumph for both parties," and urged all sides to take steps to "preserve a peaceful atmosphere and prepare to turn the page of the past."⇈1812Y0630682KXT▣SAN FRANCISCO — Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes appears to be soon bound for prison after an appeals court Tuesday rejected her bid to remain free while she tries to overturn her conviction in a blood-testing hoax that brought her fleeting fame and fortune.▓

∴Wildflowers aren't just in bloom across California — the Golden State is experiencing a rare "superbloom" that's blanketing the ground with a variety of richly colored plants.❧


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GA1206Y152KBCBT31G➣Lowery's home in Marlboro County is at the heart of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls the "Diabetes Belt" — 644 mostly Southern counties where rates of the disease are high.⇊GA1206A471KXCBT31G◈Once the assault weapons ban expired in 2004, gun manufacturers quickly began producing the guns and sales quickly rose.♠

➩There are other dangers. The women dive in small groups so they can look out for each other. Three months ago, a 50-year-old seaweed collector from a nearby village was raped and killed on an isolated beach.✎

の"Ammachi, when I come to the end of a book, and I look up, just four days have passed. But in that time, I've lived through three generations and learned more about the world and about myself than I do during a year in school. Ahab, Queequeg, Ophelia, and other characters die on the page so that we might live better lives."❈


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