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✎Few donors to Hamlin's GoFundMe will likely have a significant interest in claiming a tax deduction for their gift. Because of changes in the tax law made in 2017, only those who itemize their taxes, around 11% of filers, may claim deductions for charitable contributions.▒


☼Students in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction gather on the steps of the school's indoor auditorium to discuss a topic chosen by staff members. One recent morning, they talked about mental health and sobriety. A teenage boy dressed in tan corduroys, a black hoodie, and sneakers went first.◧C11AH0R2B-9UN-X1T◆With the war crimes trials winding down, Ferencz went to work for a consortium of Jewish charitable groups to help Holocaust survivors regain properties, homes, businesses, art works, Torah scrolls, and other Jewish religious items that had been confiscated from them by the Nazis. He also later assisted in negotiations that would lead to compensation to the Nazi victims.▶1210GC272MAT1A❈The Angelopoulos fellowship "provides opportunities for high-profile leaders who are transitioning from public service roles," while the Hauser fellowship appoints high-profile leaders to work with students and faculty on improving leadership skills, the school said.【VS-VSKT430-16PBF▽In a country as fixated on traditional marriage as India, activists believe a legalization of same-sex unions would help shift societal attitudes. The Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of the LGBTQ+ community in several high-profile cases in the past decade. It decriminalized same-sex relations in 2018, undoing a colonial-era law that had been in force since India's independence in 1947. In 2014, it recognized India's transgender community as a legal third gender and set aside quotas for them in public-sector jobs.✁

큐"I'm not going to lie to you, because, like, I love my coaches, I love the team, love my teammates — there wasn't any qualms with the athletic facility," he said.↟VJ1210A222JLAAJ32❤"But the problem with all that is it requires interpretation," Stephenson says. "It requires human interpretation, and there are gaps in the knowledge."☽


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T495B156M010ZTE600◙SpaceX's Starship rocket cleared its launch platform but failed to separate from its booster, exploding four minutes after liftoff during an inaugural test flight on Thursday.❤0805Y0630100FAT✐Thanks for listening.  I'm Michael Morell.  Please join us again next week for another epidosde of Intelligence Matters.√

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum says the symbol — which the ranch used for branding cattle — dates as far back as 7,000 years and means "good fortune" or "well-being" in Sanskrit. However, in the early 20th century, the marker came to symbolize German nationalists and Hitler's Nazi Party.⇤


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2220Y1K00563KDT▣In the climactic scene, the character based on Darrow (played in the 1960 movie by Spencer Tracy) calls the character based on Bryan (played by Fredric March) to testify as an expert witness on the Bible. In the ensuing confrontation, Darrow hammers at the rigidity of Bryan's theology.〓0603Y0100332GCR↖"Kia America regrets the decision by certain insurers and its impact on owners and lessees of select Kia vehicles, which we anticipate will be temporary," he said in an emailed statement. "We are in contact with major insurance carriers so they are aware of the actions we have taken and we are actively working with them to ensure our customers have access to quality and comprehensive coverage."۰


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