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§Facebook's parent company, Meta, is doling out the payments to settle a lawsuit alleging it allowed Cambridge Analytica, a former British political consulting firm used by the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, to access about 87 million users' personal information.▶C0805C150K4HACAUTO£The service will also include many historic elements underscoring the ancient traditions through which power has been passed on to new kings and queens throughout the centuries.〓B82422T1222K8↷Legal experts contacted for this story agreed with the Supreme Court's decision.☁AC0805BRNPO9BNR56↦This spring, Wangerin called county hospitals and sheriff's offices to map where sexual assault nurse examiners operate in Montana. She found only 55. More than half of the 45 counties that responded didn't have any examiners. Just seven counties reported they had nurses trained to respond to cases that involve children.⇆

♟A mass killing is defined as when four or more people were slain, other than the perpetrator, according to a database maintained by The Associated Press and USA Today in partnership with Northeastern University.✏ER1840-29JP▩Moreover, it's unusual for a potential Republican presidential candidate to be going after a large corporation and attempting to regulate it more, like DeSantis is to Disney, he said.▮


↔Daniel's parents, Kristina, who worked in marketing, and Yevgeniy, who ran a textile business, had been planning to immigrate to the United States since before Daniel was born. He'd been learning English in anticipation, while the adults worked on saving money, getting the paperwork together and coordinating with Yevgeniy's brother, who lives in the States. When the invasion came last February, they moved up their timeline.▏TAZD106K010CSSZ0800★Stephen Gillers, author of perhaps the leading judicial ethics textbook, said that Thomas' failure to disclose all this is "arguably legal, the key word being arguably." The code of judicial ethics that applies to all federal judges has rules that require reporting of all gifts and travel paid for by others, but until last month, those rules had an exception for private travel and hospitality paid for by a personal friend who had no cases currently pending before the court. That appears to be the provision that Thomas believes has allowed him to avoid disclosure of his privately financed travel.⇣C0603C910J4HAC7867▪But what the island lacks in amenities, it makes up for in views. The Scottish government designates areas special scientific sites due to their representation of "natural heritage" in flora, fauna, geology and more, which means you can count on the nature to deliver.▪06033C222K4T7A↬Trump may be the most recent U.S president implicated in hush money scandal — but he's not the first.✙

▋There's no word on who might be responsible for leaking or stealing the documents.➼1812Y0100121FCR▓The Houthis said they would pay some $2,000 in compensation to each family who lost a relative, while the injured would get around $400.✍


▮Lifting the debt limit for a year would put its next expiration in the heart of the presidential campaign season.➸1825Y2500153MXR☭Regardless, as of late Thursday, the designation remained.✦2220Y0100185JXR↹Since then, the U.S. has maintained a policy of "strategic ambiguity" over the status of Taiwan, declining to formally commit to intervening militarily if China invaded while providing the government in Taiwan with billions of dollars in military aid. President Biden raised eyebrows last year when he told "60 Minutes" the U.S. would send troops to help defend Taiwan "if in fact there was an unprecedented attack" by China, while stressing that the island "makes their own judgments about their independence." The White House denied the statement represented a change in U.S. policy.➘1808J0160271KFR◦"I just feel like I'm not being helped. He's taking the vote for granted," as one Howard student put it to The New York Times on Saturday.✣

⇗CIA would ultimately support the administration's efforts to stabilize Iraq.⇖0805J5001P10BQT웃CIA's views on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were outlined in an October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate or NIE. An NIE is the most authoritative product of the U.S. Intelligence Community.  It is coordinated across the many agencies that make up the Intelligence Community, and it is approved by the head of each one.⏎


♧"If a labor inspector goes to a tobacco farm and finds a 12-year-old kid working, there's no labor violation to report," Margaret Wurth, a senior children's rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, told NPR. She has co-authored reports on child labor in tobacco farming that included interviews with more than 100 child tobacco workers.➹1641R-563H♣Wildflowers aren't just in bloom across California — the Golden State is experiencing a rare "superbloom" that's blanketing the ground with a variety of richly colored plants.♦1825J1K00331KXT▣Weinstein once credited Lombardo with saving his life and reportedly served as best man at Lombardo's 2003 wedding. Lombardo was head of Miramax Italy.◈JAN1N6317D✒But by 2012, prosecutors said in their opening statement, Michel was struggling to reinvent himself as a businessman and searching for a big payday.▐

◘Natalie Wilton, a therapist who specializes in senior sexuality, says it's no surprise that people feel pessimistic about sex as they age.▱GA1206Y472MXLBT31G♦This level is up at least seven points since 2021. And the survey found that the ongoing shortage of nurses is likely to continue for years to come.✉


⇛They also found the name of Věra Vohryzková on a child's shoe. By coincidence, a museum worker had noticed that family name on a suitcase and the museum was able to piece together details about the family. Vera was born Jan. 11, 1939, into a Jewish Czech family and was sent to Auschwitz in a transport from the Theresienstadt ghetto in 1943 with her mother and brother. Her father, Max Vohryzek, was sent in a separate transport. They all perished.⇊M39003/03-3044/TR♣He has since played for the New York Knicks, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers, where he spent his last season.➴VJ1206A182JXAAT▓Lewis says it's difficult to say what the political effect of the new missile will be. On the one hand, such a weapon is far more threatening to the U.S. than a liquid-fueled missile, but that very fact may make Kim Jong Un's regime feel more secure.♥CDR01BX102BKSR\250➙"The announcement by the World Health Organization is a welcome move," says Phillister Atieno, who's 60. The pandemic took a toll on her family: One relative lost a son to COVID-19 in May 2020. She sadly remembers that "on the burial day, we were all forced to watch from a distance as the Ministry of Health officials handled the entire process."↟

█Ahead of their crucifixion on a dusty hill, Enaje and the other devotees, wearing thorny crowns of twigs, carried heavy wooden crosses on their backs for more than a kilometer (more than half a mile) in the scorching heat. Village actors dressed as Roman centurions later hammered 4-inch (10-centimeter) stainless steel nails through his palms and feet, then set him aloft on a cross under the sun for about 10 minutes.↜GJM0225C1C7R2DB01L☢"This will exclude the most vulnerable of migrants," said Erika Pinheiro, the executive director of Al Otro Lado, a California group that offers legal counsel to asylum-seekers in Mexico.⇠


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