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↴Most state parks and trails are currently free. Some of the most popular ones already charge, like Diamond Head State Monument, which features a trail leading from the floor of a 300,000-year-old volcanic crater up to its summit. It gets 1 million visitors each year and costs $5 for each traveler.▀

⇇The announcement came a day after a court announced that Khan can be held for eight days.□


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0603ZC104KA12A§The concern about repercussions for women's health is being raised not just by abortion rights advocates. One recent warning comes from Jerome Adams, who served as surgeon general in the Trump administration and is now working on health equity issues at Purdue University in Indiana.▷S1812R-473G✥Iraq said it would reduce production by 211,000 barrels per day, the United Arab Emirates by 144,000, Kuwait by 128,000, Kazakhstan by 78,000, Algeria by 48,000 and Oman by 40,000. The announcements were carried by each country's state media.▶


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MA0201XR271M500◆Over the years, Ziff has worked on legislation to stop sexual harassment and abuse in the fashion industry. Her organization has also launched an industry-specific support line for people who've experienced sexual harassment and assault.✐C0603S562K5RACAUTO♨That's much higher than the national rate, which is 13%, according to the Urban Institute, a social-policy nonprofit. In Marlboro County, 37% of people have medical debt in collections.◘

▰And while the comics began to take off across social media, Cooke says he's still continuing to learn about police violence — emphasizing that he's in no way trying to be a subject matter expert on this.☠

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