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⇥Areas at the highest level of risk of threatening storms include Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa, as well as parts of Missouri. A second area of "enhanced risk" include St. Louis, Missouri; Madison, Wisconsin; Des Moines, Iowa; as well as Little Rock, Arkansas, according to the National Weather Service.☻


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2220Y5K00221MXR➳After the scandal surfaced, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg fielded questions from members of the U.S. Congress, who accused him of failing to protect the data.♀0805Y2000750FQTˍIn Monday's stabbing, the suspect was spotted by several people at a homeless encampment before stabbing the woman several times through her tent, the police chief said. The woman, whom police have not identified, is hospitalized and in critical condition. She is in her 60s, said Davis Lt. Dan Beckwith.✯


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0805Y0631P00DCR▯"All of those deceased people are friends of mine," he said. "They were people who served on the condo board with me."▧C3216X5R1E475M160AA☠Private investigator Herman Weisberg told CBS News that once in New York, Nasyrova began working as an escort or dominatrix who would sedate her clients and then rob them of their jewelry and other possessions.↬


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1206J1000121FQT¤Already before the reform, people who refused orders to serve in the military have faced a possible prison sentence of up to 10 years.◦IXGN82N120C3H1↮In Indiana alone, 27 hospitals were hit by cyberattacks between 2010 and 2023, according to data provided by the Indiana Hospital Association.↸


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02015A7R0DAT2A✤On Wednesday, the 34-year-old freshman Congress member appeared in a court in New York and pleaded not guilty to 13 felony charges in a separate case against him.❒0603J0250100GCR◊Regardless, as of late Thursday, the designation remained.◄

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