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GA1210A681FBCAR31G▬The ban will take effect Jan. 1, 2024. It is expected that TikTok will challenge the bill in federal court. It and groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have said the ban is unconstitutional.➸1210Y1K00470FCT⇄The feelings portrayed in Robbins' social media messages are an example of the fear and paranoia that exist nationwide and push many Americans to reach for their guns, said Mark Bryant, the executive director of Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit group that tracks cases of gun violence.←


☄Residents fleeing the capital have described seeing bodies littering sidewalks and central squares, particularly in areas not far from the museum. Roughly 500 civilians have been killed in the fighting so far, according to Sudan's doctors' syndicate, though the true number of dead is believed to be higher.★VJ1206A300KBEAT4Xぃ"I have endeavored to follow that counsel throughout my tenure, and have always sought to comply with the disclosure guidelines," he said in a statement.○C315C562FAG5TA❑When Pastor Douglas Theobald steps to the pulpit at Struthers United Methodist Church this Sunday, it will likely be the last religious service in its 112-year history.✄1812Y5000562JCT§Cryptocurrency trading is illegal in Egypt, and another lawyer representing some of the victims said that had likely kept many from reporting the crime.○

✄While frequently sniping at each other, the Democratic president and the governor have seen their administrations work together after disasters. That includes last year's Hurricane Ian, which killed more than 140 people and left thousands homeless, and the 2021 collapse of a condo tower in Surfside, which killed 98.▣CW201212-33NJ⇃Arab states with stakes in Sudan — Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — made similar appeals. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Farhan bin Faisal spoke by phone with Sudan's rival generals and urged them to stop "all kinds of military escalation," Saudi state TV reported.⇐

卍"People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are [ethnically] Chinese people, and are both descendants of the Yan and Yellow Emperors," Ma declared during a highly emotional pilgrimage to his family's ancestral tomb in China's Hunan province.➚


♘MARGARET BRENNAN: Let's talk about that contagion risk on the other side of this commercial break. Gary, stay with us. We will be right back.▨C1206C331G1GACTU】On Wednesday, the president is scheduled to meet with leaders of the so-called Bucharest Nine, a group of NATO members on the alliance's eastern front, as well as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.●SP8J5FRATB⊙The United Kingdom sanctioned Iran's prosecutor-general, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, on Saturday night "with immediate effect" over Akbari's execution.→PE-53829SNLT♘The planned congressional hearings follow a series of news reports that raised questions about Justice Clarence Thomas' business dealings, and luxurious vacations that he and his wife took that were paid for by his friend, GOP mega-donor Harlan Crowe.✿

↕But Howard Hogan, a former chief demographer at the bureau who retired from the agency in 2018, contends that research is inconclusive on the potential effects a combined question could have on those groups, particularly on the Black population.↥M39006/09-8548↱If the individual or group responsible for these services is truly based in Ethiopia, it will require a lot of coordination between different elements of government and law enforcement between both countries to try to investigate.↘


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1206J1000331FCR♭"It's difficult sometimes — when a company starts to see an effect on sales — to hold the line. And when that effect is more than they might anticipate, then they definitely start to question holding the line," she said.★7847709033☪Kilicdaroglu, for his part, campaigned on promises to reverse crackdowns on free speech and other forms of democratic backsliding, as well as to repair an economy battered by high inflation and currency devaluation.■

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