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↣Brooke Oberwetter, a TikTok spokesperson, said the bill's backers have admitted that there is "no feasible plan" for putting the TikTok ban in place, since blocking downloads of apps in any one individual state would be almost impossible to enforce. Oberwetter said the bill represents the censorship of Montanans' voices.◦


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GQM2195C2A5R3CB01J↖Fighting raged in Omdurman, a city across the Nile River from Khartoum, residents said, despite a hoped-for cease-fire to coincide with the three-day Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.↭VJ1812Y393JBBAT4X﹌Ultimately, officials from the New Zealand Department of Conservation said they would "be discussing the situation" with the U.S.-based Association of Zoos and Aquariums to address the concerns.♤


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SBYV27-100-E3/54۰Do the woes of the world get you down? Are daily headlines capsizing your ship? Does it seem like it's taking too long for the deluge of April showers to clear the way for all those promised and proverbial May flowers? (Unless of course you're in a part of the world still awaiting rainfall due to climate agitations.)◄C0805C302F4HAC7800✈"I don't feel like they are mocking me, rather just using a song which uses the word left, and I happen to be pedaling with only my left leg," he said.


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MMBZ5252C-E3-18ΘToday's earnings report comes at a time of widespread layoffs in the entertainment industry. Paramount Global cut 25% of its staff. Warner Bros. Discovery is facing billions of dollars in debt.⇈MMBT3904L RFGˍ"People don't want to test their water because it tastes good and their grandpa drank it," she said. But "the cure for it is so easy."➼


◁"It's time to get rid of the monarchy," Graham Smith, Republic's leader, told NPR. "We will be chanting, 'Not my king!' when Charles goes past."►0603Y2501P80CFR❒Gregg was born in Florence, S.C., in 1928. He enlisted in 1946, two years before President Harry Truman signed an executive order to desegregate the military. After serving as a supply sergeant in Germany, Gregg decided to reenlist and make the Army his career.◢ISC1812ES180J▧Police say a motorcycle taxi operator reported seeing the box being dumped by a vehicle with no license plates. The rider reported the incident to police officers who were manning a nearby roadblock.☎CWR09MB155KCC✎"The United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and its lasting harm on the lives of millions of Black people," Bush said in a Wednesday news conference attended by Reps. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., and Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., as well as other stakeholders.

⇪The story is a multi-layer, complex conversation that tackles a few things about the publishing industry at once. The topic of cultural appropriation galvanizes the entire story and at various angles challenges the idea of what kind of stories writers are allowed to write given their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In one scene, June is challenged by a Chinese American reader on why she thinks it's okay to write and profit from painful Chinese history. She responds, "I think it's dangerous to start censoring what authors should and shouldn't write...I mean, turn what you're saying around and see how it sounds. Can a Black writer not write a novel with a white protagonist?"☼GQM1875C2E9R1BB12D➪New survey results from the Obesity Action Coalition and Ro, a company that offers GLP-1 medications through its weight loss program, show that more than half of people with obesity said they'd be willing to take medications for the rest of their lives in order to maintain a healthy body weight. The survey found that more than 40% say they'd take a new job in order to access coverage for obesity treatment, and about 1 in 2 people would stay at a job they hate to retain insurance coverage for obesity.♠


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