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░I didn't go into reading Warrior Girl Unearthed expecting its events to be tied as closely as they are to Firekeeper's Daughter, and it was nice to settle back into the community and family that I had already grown to love in the previous book. Like a detective series where the place the detective lives becomes one of the familiar elements you expect in each new installment, Sugar Island clearly contains many stories, and I loved checking in with Daunis, Granny June, and all my other favorite characters while following Perry's unique journey. Boulley has become a must-read author for me, and I hope we will continue to get more stories about the Firekeeper family and their home on Sugar Island.☼C1206X682K4HAC7800ⓥAuthor Martha Brockenbrough has collected close to 400 signatures on a letter to Scholastic calling on the publisher to feature Love in the Library without edits.▒BSS123LT7G☼The agency concluded the district limited its screening process to sexually explicit books and did not violate two laws governing institutions receiving federal aid: Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, and Title VI, which bars discrimination based on race, color or national origin.⇩DTC114TCAHZGT116♨In Musk's case, the judge did not buy his lawyers' claims.⇘

ぃAt one City Council meeting last year, Cross recalled, he stood toe-to-toe with the man he thought he recognized from one of the police body cam videos circulating on the internet, showing officers standing around while children were being killed.1825Y6300470FCR♀A court appearance for the history books is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, where the criminal charges against the former president will be unsealed.☆


☀Shareholders felt "a little bit astonished that there hadn't been warnings out before," he said.➳C1206X683J3REC7210┲New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Sunday invited both sides to his office in Trenton to negotiate an end to the impasse.◘GA0805H222KBABT31G⇗For its part, Ambetter officials said in a written statement to KHN that their network in Pennsylvania "meets or exceeds regulatory standards."▌S152M29Z5UP63K5R♨Leaders, representatives and members of the armed forces of some Commonwealth countries will be seen on Saturday. They will display their countries' flags and represent "the diversity and traditions of the UK and Commonwealth Armed Forces," the British government's website says.▪

✯On Saturday, two more horses, Chloe's Dream and Freezing Point, were euthanized after sustaining racing injuries which appeared irrecoverable.♥VJ1812Y473KBBAT4X♪Garcia said that's when Oropesa came to his house and shot Garcia's wife, Sonia Argentina Guzman, before entering the home and firing on other people inside. Ten people were in the home at the time of the shooting, Capers said.☭


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C0603C432J4JACAUTO↢It's not clear why the warnings weren't treated more urgently by bank management – or higher-ups at the Fed.▇1206J1000183MXT↙"By requiring parental consent before a teen can use a social media platform, vulnerable minors, including LGBTQ+ kids and kids who live in unsupportive households, may be cut off from access to needed resources and community," the group statement reads.▤

♛Medicare coverage for at-home COVID-19 tests ended last week, but the scams spawned by the temporary pandemic benefit could have lingering consequences for seniors.➱


◊All 13 of the 22 member states that attended the session endorsed the decision. The Arab League generally tries to reach agreements by consensus but sometimes opts for simple majorities.☪CWR11FH685KS▶With vote counting continuing, India's Election Commission said the Congress had crossed the majority mark of 113 in the state assembly by winning 123 seats and leading in 12 other constituencies. Modi's party won or was leading in 64 seats. Another regional party, the Janata Dal (Secular), won 20 seats.☼CWR29JC226KCHB\TR☪"I have agreed to take full responsibility for any financial issues related to his housing, health care, all of that," Wasserson said of Orlov, who currently resides in an HSS-owned living unit in New York City.▣1808J0250123JXR❈Hailey Whitters and Zach Bryan have won best new artist honors.⇚

✎Lampert declined to say how many complaints the OIG had received, adding, "There may or may not be some other ongoing investigations that we just cannot discuss yet."▱1206Y2500822JXR➧Participants who were optimistic about their sex lives reported having significantly more frequent and more satisfying sex than those who had lower expectations. Also, "sexually optimistic" individuals who acquired physical limitations they didn't have ten years before – such as pain that made it harder to lift groceries or exercise – reported having more frequent sex than people who had lower sexual expectations and no such limitations.✡

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